22–24 October 2019, Boston, USA
TPD 2019

Encapsulating the excitement of the field of protein degradation, the 2nd TPD Summit 2019 is the definitive, comprehensive and industry-dedicated summit for the field of protein degradation - focused on optimizing the target validation, improving the medicinal chemistry & rational design and ultimately accelerating the translation of selective, bioavailable and effective protein degraders into clinical trials.
TPD 2019 will take place on October 22-24 in Boston, USA with 50+ speakers, 40+ late-breaking case studies, 3 dedicated streams, 6 technical deep-dives & 300+ attendees. TPD 2019 is your comprehensive guide to successfully translate the first generation of PROTACS and molecular glues into the clinic, stimulate the discussion of next generation protein degraders that harness different modalities, target highly desirable yet “undruggable” targets and capitalize on degradation pathways, beyond the ubiquitin proteasome system.
Speakers include:
• Craig Crews- American Cancer Society Professor of MCDB- Yale University
• Alessio Ciulli- Professor of Chemical & Structural Biology- University of Dundee
• Adam Gilbert- Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry- Pfizer
• John Houston- Chief Executive Officer- Arvinas
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