Reviewer Board (130)

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all Pharmaceuticals reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.

Dr. Srinivas Abbina
Department of Chemistry, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Cananda
Interests: biocompatible and biodegradable materials; macromolecular therapeutics; Organ targeted therapeutics; Lipid nannoparticles and polymer formulations; Cryopreservation of cells and storage of proteins and lipid
Dr. Abdelrahman Abushouk
Dept of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, OV-540 330 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215, USA
Interests: cytotoxicity; cardiotoxicity; cardiovascular pharmacology; oxidative stress; Apoptosis; and translational pharmacology
Dr. Vivek Agrahari
CONRAD, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA
Interests: Drug Delivery; long-acting drug delivery; stimuli-responsive drug delivery; nanoformulations; translational research; vaginal drug delivery; hiv prevention; contraception; injectable and implants
Dr. Ali Athab Al-kinani
Department of Pharmacy, School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2EE, UK
Interests: Ophthalmic Drug Delivery; Ocular drug delivery; 3D printing; nanotechnology; Pharmaceutical Analysis; biological evaluation of formulation; drug delivery and formulation; polymeric films
Prof. Dr. Teodora Alexa-Stratulat
Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Interests: analgesia; neuropathy; pain; cancer; Tumor; Targeted therapy; immunotherapy
Dr. Iñigo Aramendia
Fluid Mechanics Department, University of the Basque, Araba, Spain
Interests: CFD; Aerosol; Aerodynamics; numerical simulation; energy storage; Wind Energy; multiphase modeling
Dr. Christopher R. M. Asquith
Department of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA
Interests: kinases; kinase inhibitors; water networks; Zinc ejection; selenium; sulphur; Sulphur Heterocycle; heterocycles; Disulfide Bridge; Quin(az)olines
Dr. Obyedul Kalam Azad
Kangwon National University
Interests: Food engineering, Food processing,Food formulation, Medicinal plant, Plant photobiology, Smart farming/greenhouse plant production, Plant bioactive compound analysis, Artificial LED light
Dr. Karin Bartel
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Deparment Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Biology Butenandtstr. 5-13 81377 München, Germany
Interests: cancer; cancer therapy; anti-cancer drugs; endolysosomal system; ion channels; cancer metabolism; drug-resistance; molecular biology; cell biology
Dr. Abdel Ali Belaidi
The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC, Australia
Interests: ferroptosis; brain iron metabolism; Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Jan Bilski
Department of Biomechanics and Kinesiology, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Grzegórzecka, Poland
Interests: adipokines; adiponectin; Barrett Esophagus; cytokines; exercise physiology; gastrointestinal endocrinology; ghrelin; ibd; inflammation; irisin; leptin; muscle fat crosstalk; myokines; neuropeptides; nutrition-related disorders; obesity; physical activity; physical exercise; satiety
Dr. Nina Bono
Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Interests: nanobiotechnology; biomaterials; non-viral gene delivery vectors; nano and microparticles; gene delivery technologies; Tissue engineering; regenerative
Dr. Vitalis Briedis
Faculty of Pharmacy, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania
Interests: Transdermal drug delivery; transungual drug delivery; Ophthalmic Drug Delivery; biopharmaceuticals; biological drug products; advanced therapy medicinal product
Dr. Felix Broecker
Department of Microbiology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY 10029, USA
Interests: viruses; Antivirals; antibiotic resistance; phage therapy; clostridioides difficile; Klebsiella Pneumoniae; influenza virus; zika virus; HIV; antibody therapy
Dr. Mikalai Budzevich
Moffitt Cancer Center SAIL
Interests: radiopharmaceuticals; radiotherapeutics; dosimetry; non-clinical radiation safety assessment; pk model; positron emission tomography; Computed Tomography; single-photon emission tomography
Dr. Colin Buttimer
University College Cork | UCC · Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre
Interests: bacteriophages; phage therapy/biocontrol; endolysins; phage taxonomy; phage-host interaction
Dr. Serafí Cambray
Vascular and Renal Translational Research Group, Biomedical Research Institute, IRBLLEIDA, and RedinRen-ISCIII, 25198 Lleida, Spain
Interests: atheroma; biomarkers; cardiovascular; chronic kidney disease; genetics; metabolomics; neurogenesis and stem cells; neuronal; stroke
Dr. Mario Campana
ISIS Facility, Didcot, UK
Interests: neutron reflectivity; Adsorption to Oil/Water interfaces; Adsorption to Air/Liquid interfaces; Model lipid membrane studies; Surfactant adsorption; protein adsorption
Dr. Patrick Carberry
Columbia University Medical Center 722 West 168th Street, Rm B05 New York, NY 10032, USA
Interests: positron emission tomography; fluorine-18; Carbon-11; radiotracer; Radiochemistry; radiopharmaceuticals
Dr. Marco Casteleijn
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Interests: biotechnology; pharmaceutical proteins; raman spectroscopy; upstream and downstream processing; Bioprocess Engineering; ocular applications; biologicals; aptamers; Drug Delivery
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