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20 May 2021 IJMS Webinar | Glioblastoma Intratumoral Heterogeneity and Plasticity


Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most aggressive type of brain cancer with a 5-year relative survival (4.6% only at 5 years) that has remained stable over the last 3 decades. Intratumour heterogeneity is a key feature that makes GBM one of the most deadly types of tumours, which results from the capacity of GBM-cancer stem cells to inter-convert between different cancer cell populations in response to changes in the tumour microenvironment and/or different drug treatments. This not only explains the poor performance in single drug therapy in GBM, but also reveals a key role for GBM plasticity, the interaction of GBM and the microenvironment and brain cancer progression, and thus constitutes a novel paradigms that needs to be addressed in order to find better treatments for patients with GBM.

This webinar features three glioblastoma experts covering researches into molecular level of the functional role of heterogeneity and plasticity in glioblastoma biology and treatment.

  • Dr. Guillermo Gomez, SA Pathology and University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
  • Ms. Maria Jose Gattas, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Prof. Dr. Bryan Day, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane, Australia

When? 20 May 2021 at 1.30am CEST | 9.00am ACST

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Interested in contributing to the topic? You can find the Special Issues linked to this topic and open for submission by clicking here.

31 May 2021 Molecules Webinar | New Trends of Flavonoids in Human Health


Flavonoids are the most abundant polyphenols in the human diet and are ubiquitously present in nature. More than 4000 types of these compounds have been identified from plant sources. Chemically, these compounds are composed of two benzene rings, commonly denoted as A and B rings, linked through an oxygen-containing pyrene ring, the C ring. According to the different structures that can be found among flavonoids, they can be classified into different subclasses, as flavanones, flavones, flavanols, isoflavones and anthocyanins, based on the C ring oxidation and pattern of substitution.

It has been reported that long-term consumption of a diet rich in flavonoids has a protective role against several diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, and chronic inflammatory diseases. However, this assumption and the flavonoids’ broad mechanisms of action need to be clarified.

This webinar will certainly help to provide new insights into the “New Trends of Flavonoids in Human Health” through the presentation of three representative works under this theme. The Special Issue under this same theme "New Trends in Polyphenols and Health", which will be published by the open access journal Molecules, is open for submission, should you have a relevant paper for publication within this subject. More details can be found here.

The following experts will present and talk:

  • Dr. Marisa Freitas, University of Porto, Portugal
  • Prof. Dr. Eliana B. Souto, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Dr. Daniela Ribeiro, University of the Azores, Portugal
  • Prof. Dr. Gary Williamson, Monash University, Australia

When? 31 May 2021 at 2.00pm CEST | 8.00am EDT | 8.00pm CST Asia

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8 June 2021 IJMS Webinar | Transporters for Organic Cations


This webinar introduces the second volume of the Special Issue "Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology of Transporters for Organic Cations" of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Transporters for organic cations belong to the solute carrier (SLC) group. Among their substrates, there are important neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine, dopamine, histamine, and serotonin, and metabolic products, such as creatinine, and also many drugs and xenobiotics such as metformin and paraquat. Therefore, transporters for organic cations have important physiological and pharmacological roles. In this webinar, Dr. Ciarimboli will introduce the general physiological and pharmacological properties of these transporters. Dr. Daws will present their physiological roles for neurotransmitter signaling in the brain. Then Dr. Indiveri will discuss physiological and pharmacological properties of organic cation transporters, novel (OCTN). Finally, Dr. Visentin will illustrate the role for transporters of organic cations in cancer. After every presentation time for discussion with participants will be available.

In this webinar integrative aspects of physiological, pharmacological, and toxicological roles of transporters for organic cations will be presented and discussed. Therefore, the webinar is of interest both for researcher, who just begin to work in this field, but also to expert researcher, who would like to reach a broader understanding of the properties of transporters for organic cations.

The following experts will present and talk:

  • Prof. Dr. Giuliano Ciarimboli, University Hospital Münster, Münster, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Lynette C. Daws, University of Texas Health, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Cesare Indiveri, University of Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende, Italy; CNR Institute of Biomembranes, Bioenergetics and Molecular Biotechnologies (IBIOM), Bari, Italy
  • Dr. Michele Visentin, University Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

When? 8 June 2021 at 5.00pm CEST | 11.00am EDT | 11.00pm CST Asia

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Interested in contributing to the topic? You can find the Special Issues linked to this topic and open for submission by clicking here.

21–23 July 2021 Noncoding RNA World: From Mechanism to Therapy


It is a pleasure to announce the upcoming international scientific conference ncRNA 2021 – Noncoding RNA World: From Mechanism to Therapy, chaired by Prof. Dr. Rory Johnson from National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR ) “RNA & Disease”, University of Bern, Switzerland and Prof. Dr. Ling-Ling Chen from Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The event is sponsored by MDPI and the open-access journal non-coding RNA. Previously planned as an in-person event, we have decide to bring the conference to a fully online format, still to be held on 21-23 July 2021. The conference will be covering the following topics: Mechanism of ncRNA processing and function, Structure and bioinformatics of ncRNAs, ncRNAs in development and diseases, Biotechnology of ncRNA, and ncRNA therapeutics.

Registration is now open!

We would love to count on your participation in this event. Abstract Submission deadline is 26 March 2021, so do not miss this chance to register and submit your work. Furthermore, you will be eligible for a chance to win our Best Oral Presentation Award of CHF 500.- and Best Poster Award of CHF 400.- , both with a certificate. To find out more information about submitting your abstract and registering, as well as to view the preliminary program, please visit our conference website.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Piero Carninci, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Narry Kim, Institute for Basic Science, Korea & Seoul National University, Korea
  • Prof. Dr. Janusz M. Bujicki, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Poland
  • Prof. Dr. Sven Diederichs, University of Freiburg, Germany & German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
  • Prof. Dr. Shinichi Nakagawa, Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Dr. Aiming Ren, Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University, China
  • Dr. Xiaohua Shen, Tsinghua University, China
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Thum, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH), Germany
  • Dr. Igor Ulitsky, Weizmann Insitute of Science, Switzerland

We look forward to receiving your research papers and to virtually welcoming you to this conference!

23–25 March 2022 The first International Conference on Antioxidants: Sources, Methods, Health Benefits, and Industrial Applications—ICA 2022

Barcelona, Spain

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the first International Conference on Antioxidants: Sources, Methods, Health Benefits, and Industrial Applications.

The conference is organized by the MDPI open access journal Antioxidants (Impact Factor 5.014) and will be held as a three-day event in Barcelona, Spain, 23–25 March 2022.

Antioxidants represent a huge area of investigation for researchers from many disciplines, and their importance in a variety of fields from health to food to innovative materials is increasingly appreciated.

Despite the enormous amount of research work related to this issue, our knowledge needs to be improved on the mechanism of action, the bioaccesibility and bioavailability of dietary antioxidants, oxidative stress and antioxidant defence systems, antioxidant-based therapeutic strategies, antioxidant functional food, and the design of biomaterials with antioxidant properties for use in biomedical applications or functional packaging. We have to continue pursuing the search for new natural sources of antioxidants while shifting toward sustainable methodologies for their extraction, and, finally, we need to standardize and validate the methods for their analysis and for evaluating and ranking the antioxidant power.

The main topics and sessions of the conference will cover:

    Health Outcomes of Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress with special emphasis on: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, microbiome and gut health, metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative pathologies, cognitive function and sports

    Antioxidant Enzyme Systems with special emphasis on: ROS, RNS, and RSS; mitochondria; redox signaling; photooxidative stress

    Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants with special emphasis on: occurrence, preparation methods, mechanisms of action, evaluation/measurement methodologies, green extraction procedures

    Industrial Applications with special emphasis on: biomaterials, functional packaging, biomedical devices

The conference will host a number of internationally renowned speakers and invites submissions for oral presentations and posters. We wish the meeting may offer a unique opportunity for direct communication between scholars, favoring personal contacts between younger and experienced researchers on advanced research topics and technological issues.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting meeting in Barcelona.

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Conference Month

Upcoming Partner Conferences (7)

19 May 2021 A, B and Z: The Structure, Function and Genetics of Z-DNA and Z-RNA

Online Meeting

After half a century of discoveries related to the left-handed Z conformations of DNA and RNA, the field is at a turning point. We know Z-DNA and Z-RNA have crucial regulatory roles in immunity against infectious agents and cancers.

This inaugural virtual meeting will gather scientists from around the globe, whose work on Z-conformations and their protein partners is at the frontier. ABZ2021 will deliberately be trans-disciplinary to foster collaborations.

Registration to ABZ2021 is free so we hope you can join us on May 19, 2021.

28–29 June 2021 The 3rd International Workshop Advances on Photocatalysis including Environmental and Energy Applications AdvPhotoCat-EE 2021


The 3rd International Workshop Advances on Photocatalysis including Environmental and Energy Applications AdvPhotoCat-EE 2021, that will take place ONLINE, on June 28-29, 2021, focuses on the experimental and theoretical aspects of photocatalysis and its real life applications like environmental and energy. The scope is to open an extensive discussion on the scientific areas involved between academia, research and industry.

The proposed topics are:

  • Basic research on photocatalysis
  • Photocatalytic materials
  • Photoelectrochemistry
  • Photocatalysis in life sciences
  • Green chemistry
  • Modern trends in clean energy production and storage
  • Modern trends in environmental remediation and protection.

31 August–3 September 2021 International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis 2021

Evora, Portugal

The 4th edition of the International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis (ISySyCat21) will take place in Evora, Portugal, from 30th August to 3rd September 2021. It will take place for the first time in an exciting mixed format: in person and online. The conference will focus on key topics in contemporary organic, organometallic, polymer synthesis and catalysis, which are of relevance to both academic and industrial chemists alike. In general, ISySyCat will focus strongly on chemical synthesis with catalysis as a key enabler. As always, we anticipate a great mix of participants from academia and industry. This is reflected in the list of plenary speakers (15) that hail from both academia and industry from all over the world. In addition, there will be several slots for short talks, along with an excellent social program.

6–10 September 2021 VI International Symposium «The Chemistry of Diazo Compounds and Related Systems»

Saint Petersburg, Russia

We are pleased to inform you that the VI International Symposium «The Chemistry of Diazo Compounds and Related Systems» will be held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on 6–10 September 2021. In the past decade, over 2,000 articles have been published on the chemistry of diazo compounds, diazirines, carbenes, transition metal carbenes, nitrenes, diazonium salts, diazenes, triazenes, heterocyclic precursors of diazo compounds, such as triazoles, thiadiazoles, etc. The current progress of the field will be discussed at the Symposium. The Symposium will be held as a satellite event of the XII International Conference on Chemistry for Young Scientists MENDELEEV 2021. The Symposium social events will include the tour to the Saint Petersburg University main building with a visit to the D.I. Mendeleev Museum-Archive, the bus tour to the historic center of Saint Petersburg, the tour to the Peterhof Museum-Reserve ("The Russian Versailles"), and the excursion to the Saint Petersburg University Research Park."

12–16 September 2021 13th International Conference One-Carbon Metabolism, B Vitamins and Homocysteine

Poznań, Poland

Continuing the over a quarter of a century long tradition that started at the Dromoland Castle, Ireland, we would like to invite you to meet again and participate in the 13th of International Conference on One-Carbon Metabolism, B Vitamins and Homocysteine. Over the years, the conference attracted participants from Europe, The Americas, Asia, and Australasia.

The 13th conference in Poznań will be a historic event, organized for the first time in its long history in a hybrid format, which will include the on-line and in-person participation options depending on the severity of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conference will provide an international forum for exchange of ideas and networking between basic scientists, clinicians, and nutritionists, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries representatives. The meeting will include plenary lectures, invited talks, contributed talks, poster sessions, round table discussions, and meet the expert sessions. Thanks to the presence of the most prominent and recognizable experts in the field, the meeting will be an inspiration and intellectual feast for everyone.

Participation in the conference will provide an excellent opportunity for new researchers to present their findings, set up new collaborations, and find job opportunities in academia or industry.

We look forward to meeting you in any convenient way, either in-person onsite in Poznan or remotely online in September 12-16, 2021.

The Conference Website:

• The causes and consequences of deficiencies in the metabolism of B vitamins and homocysteine
• Genetic polymorphisms affecting one-carbon metabolism
• Epigenetic mechanisms in hyperhomocysteinemia and B vitamin deficiencies
• Effects of microbiome on homocysteine/one-carbon metabolism; the role of dysbiosis in human disease
• Interactions between homocysteine, B vitamins, and reproduction
• Dysregulation of homocysteine / one-carbon metabolism and the development of neurological diseases
• Functions of choline in one-carbon metabolism in health and disease

4 October 2021–7 October 2031 International Conference on Non-Target Screening (ICNTS 21)

Online and Erding/Munich, Germany

Now, Non-Target Screening (NTS) and its applications are in the focus of an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. NTS users from all over the world and vendors form the field of various instrumental analysis will present their latest research, workflows, results and applications in keynote lectures, lecture sessions (incl. panel discussions) and poster sessions.

You can apply for an oral presentation and/or a poster presentation until May 31st 2021.

Please contact us and submit an abstract.

21–24 June 2022 3rd International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health

Parma, Italy

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health, that will be held on June 21-24, 2022 in the amazing city of Parma, Italy. This third conference in the series comes after the great success of the previous meetings, held in Norwich in 2016 and in Lisbon in 2018. Both events were very well organized and were a great success. We are, therefore, committed to match these standards and are preparing what we are sure will be a unique event. The topics addressed by FBHC2020 have been broadened to cover a wide range of topics on food bioactives and health, including (poly)phenols, carotenoids, glucosinolates & other organosulfur compounds, fatty acids & sterols, polysaccharides, and peptides & protein. In addition, a session will be devoted to toxic compounds, an often overlooked topic that is important from a holistic perspective in the role of food bioactives and their impact on human health. Particular attention will be paid on transversal topics such as personalised nutrition, gut microbiota, dietary intake, and nutritional policy. The Conference aims to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing the chance to interact with renowned scientists and to stimulate creative exchange among researchers. Young scientists will have a lot of opportunities to showcase their work and obtain feedback from experienced international scientist. June is a perfect time to visit Parma, a lively and cultural city, located in Northern Italy, that is surrounded by parks, vineyards, lakes and medieval castles. Most importantly, Parma is a “food city”. It has been recognised as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and hosts the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) headquarters. The congress year, 2020, will be a great time to visit Parma as it will be the Italian Capital of Culture and full of numerous special attractions. In addition, we are planning a “family friendly conference”, with organized activities for the children of delegates during the sessions, including "learning through playing” games focusing on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. We hope you will participate in what will be a memorable conference in the beautiful city of Parma!

With best wishes,

The Organizing Committee.

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