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1996 Molecules was launched by Dr. Lin in collaboration with Springer Verlag as one of the first electronic journals on chemistry.
1997 MDPI took over the publishing of Molecules from Springer Verlag and started to publish it as an open access journal. Dr. Esteban Pombo-Villar took over as Editor-in-Chief of Molecules. Dr. Derek McPhee started working part-time as an Editorial Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief.
1999 Dr. Shu-Kun Lin took over as Editor-in-Chief of Molecules.
2005 Dr. Derek McPhee accepted the role of Editor-in-Chief of Molecules after acting as Managing Director of the journal since 1999, while the former Editor-in-Chief Dr. Shu-Kun Lin held title of Publisher and Director of the Molecules Editorial Office. Molecules celebrated its tenth anniversary.
2005-2006 Papers were published in both non-Open Access (non-OA) and Open Access (OA) form.
2007 Molecules publishes exclusively in Open Access form.
2008 Molecules adds the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers to each paper using the CrossRef system. The Open Access logo is added and copyright is under the Creative Commons (CC) license v. 3.0.
2012 The first Best Paper Award was announced.
2013 The Section Metabolites was established.
Molecules received an impact factor of 2.428 for the year 2012; the 5-year impact factor is 2.679.
2014 Molecules published its 6,000 paper.
2015 Four new sections, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry and Organometallic Chemistry were established.
Molecules published its 8,000 paper.
 2016 Molecules published its 10,000 paper. The first Tu Youyou Award was announced.
2017 Molecules expanded the scope. Five new sections, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Nanochemistry and Chemical Biology were established. The 1st Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, organized by Molecules, was held.
2018 Two sections, Metabolites and Molecular Diversity were closed. At the same time, three new sections, Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry were established.
Molecules received its highest impact factor of 3.098 for the year 2017; the 5-year impact factor is 3.268.
The second Tu Youyou Award was announced.

1. Molecules started to be published semi-monthly online in January 2019;
2. Two new sections—Fragrances and Flavours, and Colorants—were established;
3. The 2nd Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, organized by Molecules, was held;
4. Molecules Reached 20,000 Articles Milestone.


1996-1999 Founding Editor-in-Chief Dr. Shu-Kun Lin
1996-1997 Editor-in-Chief Dr. Shu-Kun Lin
1997-1999 Editor-in-Chief Dr. Esteban Pombo-Villar
1999-2005 Editor-in-Chief Dr. Shu-Kun Lin
2005- Editor-in-Chief Dr. Derek J. McPhee
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