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Materials Physics

A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

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Materials physics has been long established as one of the most active fields in current materials research that played a pivotal role in shaping and advancing modern materials from both fundamental and applied perspective. Relying on multidisciplinary cutting edge research that provided insight to the materials properties and their functioning down to the nanocale, materials physics has been the leading sector for major advances in diverse application fields ranging from mechanics, electronics and photonics to the materials aspects of solar energy conversion and environmental engineering.

The "Materials Physics" section provides a forum for the rapid publication of original works that significantly advance our current understanding of materials or unveil novel aspects of the physical properties of materials with respect to target applications. The section will comprise, but will be not limited to, contributions on materials growth and processing techniques, microstructural and mechanical engineering, advanced characterization methods, surface and interface engineering of nanostructured and functional materials including metals and alloys, ceramics and coatings, optical and photonic materials, low-dimensional materials, metal oxides and semiconductors for energy and environmental applications, plasmonics and metamaterials, magnetic materials, superconducting and quantum materials, ferroelectrics, multiferroics and magnetoelectrics, thermoelectric materials, polymers, metal-organic materials, and amorphous solids.

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