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The aim of the Critical Care section is to cover a broad spectrum of clinical care clinical practices and basic research advances and innovations in clinical anesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine. The journal Healthcare is a peer-reviewed, high-quality scientific publication in the field of critical care medicine and brings together healthcare specialists who treat patients in the operating room, intensive care unit, and emergency department, and other healthcare professionals. We hope to provide an open and friendly platform and space for the exchange and share of ideas and views on the management of the critically ill patients, offering in-depth coverage of this specialty. Authors are cordially invited to submit original articles and review articles of clinical, translational, and health services research studies that address issues relevant to critical care. Brief reports, case report, and letters to the editors are also encouraged.


  • healthcare
  • anaesthesia
  • intensive care
  • critical care
  • critically ill
  • critical care medicine
  • mechanical ventilation
  • hemodynamic monitoring
  • cardiac support
  • renal replacement therapy
  • fluid management
  • pain management
  • shock
  • sepsis
  • infections
  • traumatic brain/spinal injury
  • vasoactive drugs
  • parenteral nutrition
  • cardiac failure
  • ischemic heart disease
  • respiratory failure
  • sedation

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