Non-Newtonian and Complex Fluids

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Associate Editor: Prof. Dr. Rajinder Pal

The “Non-Newtonian and Complex Fluids” section of the open access journal Fluids, will publish novel, original, peer-reviewed research manuscripts, short communications and invited topical reviews in all areas of flow of non-Newtonian and complex fluids, including theoretical, computational and experimental studies of non-Newtonian flow problems. In particular (but not exclusively), this section invites contributions that report on the following topics:

  • Modeling and simulations, including computational non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and constitutive equations
  • Complex flows, including multiphase flow, geological flows, complex geometries, drilling operations
  • Mechanics of time-dependent materials
  • Birefringence in non-Newtonian flows
  • Rheology of soft matter systems, including polymer melts and solutions, colloidal dispersions, suspensions, gels, liquid crystals, granular materials
  • Interfacial rheology, emulsions and foams
  • Rheology of bio-materials and living and self-assembling systems, including biopolymers, cells, tissue, swimmers, active systems
  • Rheology in food, pharmaceutical & cosmetic development
  • Electro and magneto-rheological fluids
  • Micro- and nano-fluidics and microrheology
  • Industrial rheology & processing

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