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Cancers affecting the central and peripheral nervous systems present diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Increasing incidence of metastatic tumors to the CNS results from patients living longer due to more efficacious systemic therapy. Effective delivery of systemic therapy is restricted by the blood-brain and blood–tumor barrier. Whereas close proximity to adjacent non-tumor neural and other non-tumor anatomical structures limit the effective use of radiotherapy.

The integration of molecular features of primary brain tumors and their inclusion in neuropathology diagnoses has provided molecular stratification of diagnosis and prognosis. Despite recent advances in our understanding of primary brain cancers, much more can be accomplished to improve the management of patients.

The incorporation of various biologics, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T therapy, is promising in the treatment of CNS malignancies. However, their use in the treatment of other cancers can lead to CNS adverse effects.

The aim of this Special Section is to publish findings that relate to the various topics of neuro-oncology. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary brain and spine tumors;
  • Metastatic tumors;
  • Pathology and molecular pathology of CNS cancer;
  • Treatment paradigm;
  • Paraneoplastic disease and other CNS manifestations of systemic cancers;
  • Adverse effects of cancer therapeutics affecting the CNS.

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