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The Section Cell Therapy of Current Oncology is open to contemporary articles of basic, translational, and clinical research on all aspects related to cell therapy and transplantation in the treatment of cancer. This includes studies addressing aspects of conventional hematopoietic cell transplantation and associated novel insights, innovations, and new enabling technologies that can improve patient outcomes. In addition, immune effector cell therapies to treat cancer, such as chimeric-antigen receptor T or NK cell therapy or tumor-infiltrating cell-based approaches, are welcome. Issues related to identifying, collecting, and manufacturing cell products will also be considered favorably, particularly if related to clinical cancer outcomes.

Additional topics of interest include:

  • Registry-based studies that provide insight into cell therapy effectiveness;
  • Evidence-based knowledge synthesis and knowledge translation related to cell therapy;
  • Interprofessional approaches, training, and education that support cell therapy; regulatory and quality issues related to cell therapy; donor and product specific issues;
  • Insight from preclinical animal models that advance new concepts or identify mechanisms related to cell therapy in cancer.

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