Best Paper Award

The Crystals Best Paper Award is granted annually to highlight publications of high quality, scientific significance, and extensive influence. The evaluation committee members choose two articles of exceptional quality that were published in the journal the year before the previous year and announce them online by the end of June.

The Prize:

– One research article and one review will be selected.
– Each winner will receive CHF 500, a certificate, and a free voucher for article processing fees valid for one year.

Crystals Best Paper Award
Winner announcement: 30 June 2025

Eligibility and Requirements

All papers published in Crystals will be eligible (both regular and Special Issue submissions).

Selection Criteria

– Scientific merit and broad impact;
– Originality of the research objectives and/or the ideas presented;
– Creativity of the study design or uniqueness of the approaches and concepts;
– Clarity of presentation;
– Citations and downloads.

Past Winners


16 pages, 28947 KiB  
Fabrication of Q-Carbon Nanostructures, Diamond and Their Composites with Wafer-Scale Integration
by Nayna Khosla and Jagdish Narayan
Crystals 2022, 12(5), 615; - 26 Apr 2022
33 pages, 20228 KiB  
Carbon-Supported Noble-Metal Nanoparticles for Catalytic Applications—A Review
by Agnieszka Karczmarska, Michał Adamek, Sara El Houbbadi, Paweł Kowalczyk and Magdalena Laskowska
Crystals 2022, 12(5), 584; - 22 Apr 2022

Award Committee

Dr. Alessandra Toncelli Chairman
Prof. Hongbin Bei
Zhejiang University
Prof. Slawomir Grabowski
University of the Basque Country
Prof. Dr. Leonid Kustov
Dr. Jesus Sanmartín-Matalobos
Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry (Suprametal), Departamento de Química Inorgánica, Facultad de Química, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela,
Prof. Dr. Sawanta S. Mali
Chonnam National University


21 pages, 6033 KiB  
“Seeing Is Believing”—In-Depth Analysis by Co-Imaging of Periodically-Poled X-Cut Lithium Niobate Thin Films
by Sven Reitzig, Michael Rüsing, Jie Zhao, Benjamin Kirbus, Shayan Mookherjea and Lukas M. Eng
Crystals 2021, 11(3), 288; - 15 Mar 2021
19 pages, 2571 KiB  
Concepts of Nucleation in Polymer Crystallization
by Jun Xu, Günter Reiter and Rufina G. Alamo
Crystals 2021, 11(3), 304; - 19 Mar 2021

Award Committee

Prof. Helmut Cölfen Chairman
Universität Konstanz
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