10th Anniversary of Children

The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Children, an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of pediatrics, focusing on the dissemination of clinical, epidemiological and translational science relevant to children’s health. Children has published more than 4100 papers from more than 18,300 authors. More than 7100 reviewers have submitted at least one review report. We value the contributions made by authors and reviewers. To celebrate this 10th anniversary, we are arranging a series of special content and events. We hope you can join us in celebrating this milestone for our journal and enjoy the collection below.

A Network of Children from Editors

Development and Achievements

View the 10-year timeline infographic here. Trace the development of Children from its origins with remarkable events.

The inaugural Issue is released and Children is published as a quarterly journal.

Founding Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Sari A. Acra

Professor Dr. Sari A. Acra is the Pediatrics and Chief of the D. Brent Polk Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He has had a long academic career focused on clinical service, education and clinical research in the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition. His major clinical and research focus is in the area of upper gastrointestinal pathology, including dyspeptic, functional and diarrheal disorders and nutrition.

Children is indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) of Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) and PubMed.

Children starts the first Travel Awards and Best Paper Award.

Children published its 100th paper, adopted a monthly publication schedule and established the following sections:

-Oncology and Hematology;

-Child Neurology;

-Pediatric Surgery;

-Integrative Pediatrics;

-Global and Public Health Section.

Children was indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) - Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics)

Children received its first Impact Factor (2.078), ranked 50/128 (Q2) in the Category "Pediatrics" and announced the first edition Young Investigator Award.

Children annonced the first edition Outstanding Reviewer Award.

Children received its updated Impact Factor 2.863, ranked 40/129 (Q2) in the Category “Pediatrics” in SCIE. Children is indexed in Scopus and established the following sections:

-Pediatric Neonatology; 
-Pediatric Cardiology;
-Pediatric Nephrology;
-Pediatric Dermatology ;

Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Olaf Gefeller

-Pediatric Nursing;

Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Linda S. Franck

-Pediatric Orthopedics;
-Pediatric Dentistry;

Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Chiarella Sforza

-Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine;

Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Marco Carotenuto

-Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;
-Pediatric Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine;

Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Boris Zernikow

-Pediatric Allergy and Immunology;
-Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

Children starts the first edition Best Paper Award;

Children starts the first edition Best PhD Thesis Award;

Newly Appointed Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Paul R. Carney

Prof. Paul R. Carney, director for the Division of Pediatric Neurology of University of Missouri at Columbia, has already been serving on the Editorial Board of Children for 5 years also holding the Section Editor-in-Chief role of the Child Neurology Section. Dr. Carney’s work combines engineering and neuroscience with medical research to develop more effective therapies for neurological disease. The passion that drives Dr. Carney's career is the search for better ways to prevent and treat epilepsy which affects over 60 million people worldwide. He plans to build on the current hub of advanced care and services in epilepsy, stroke, sleep, neuromuscular disorders, among other areas, and apply these insights to improve the health and well-being of children and their families.

Children received its first CiteScore (2021) of 2.0, ranked 99/318 (Q2) in “Pediatrics, Perinatology and Child Health”. The 2021 Impact Factor was 2.835, JCR - Q2 (Pediatrics), 5-Year Impact Factor: 3.328 (2021).

Celebration Activities

1. Recruiting Topical Advisory Panel Members for Children

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Children we will expand our Editorial Board to gather experts in the areas of children’s health. We also welcome you to join us as a Topical Advisory Panel or Guest Editor. If you are interested in the above editorship, please send your full academic CV and a short cover letter that details your interest and enthusiasm for the position to [email protected].

2.Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook

Visit the Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook using # Children10th to share your story with Children.



Anniversary Special Issues

10th Anniversary of Children: Challenges and Opportunities towards the Future
edited by
submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | 8 articles | Viewed by 10520
Keywords: public health and epidemiology; global health; general pediatrics; pediatric subspecialties; pediatric hospitalist medicine; health service and health policy research
10th Anniversary of Children: Urgent Issues in the Health of Children – 2023–2033 submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | 9 articles | Viewed by 13818
Keywords: public health programs for children; humanitarian issues related to children; issues related to children in low- and middle-income countries (including pediatric anesthesia; surgery; trauma; and cancer); health economics in low- and middle-income countries; pediatric health systems research in low- and middle-income countries; health provider training in pediatrics in low- and middle-income countries; health outcomes research for pediatrics; vaccination implementation and outcome research; children living in refugee settings— physical and mental health; children living in crisis— poverty; insecurity; and conflict; the impact of COVID-19 on children worldwide
(This special issue belongs to the Section Global and Public Health)
10th Anniversary of Children: Feature Papers in Neonatology
edited by
submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | 11 articles | Viewed by 18226
Keywords: neonatal pharmacology; neonatal outcome; neonatal neurology; neonatal– perinatal medicine; non-invasive ventilation; preterm infants; NICU; breastfeeding in the preterm population; clinical trials in neonatology; neonatology; neonatal sepsis; fetal and infant growth; maternal and infant health; neonatal brain injury; care bundles; family centered care
(This special issue belongs to the Section Pediatric Neonatology)
10th Anniversary of Children: Feature Papers in Pediatric Surgery
edited by Thomas Kohl and Michael Boettcher
submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | 7 articles | Viewed by 7372
Keywords: fetal surgery; fetoscopy; pediatric surgery; congenital malformations; fetus; surgical innovation
(This special issue belongs to the Section Pediatric Surgery)

Collection of Excellent Works

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