31 January 2024
Cancers | Top 10 Cited Papers in 2023 in the Section “Cancer Pathophysiology”

We are pleased to invite you to read the top 10 cited papers in 2023 from the Section “Cancer Pathophysiology” of Cancers (ISSN: 2072-6694). We hope this announcement will provide useful information for this field.

The list of papers is as follows:

“The Significance of SPP1 in Lung Cancers and Its Impact as a Marker for Protumor Tumor-Associated Macrophages”
by Eri Matsubara, Hiromu Yano, Cheng Pan, Yoshihiro Komohara, Yukio Fujiwara, Shukang Zhao, Yusuke Shinchi, Daisuke Kurotaki and Makoto Suzuki
Cancers 2023, 15(8), 2250;
Available online:

“The Tissue Factor Pathway in Cancer: Overview and Role of Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans”
by Nourhan Hassan, Janes Efing, Ludwig Kiesel, Gerd Bendas and Martin Götte
Cancers 2023, 15(5), 1524;  
Available online:

“How Warburg-Associated Lactic Acidosis Rewires Cancer Cell Energy Metabolism to Resist Glucose Deprivation”
by Zoé Daverio, Aneta Balcerczyk, Gilles J. P. Rautureau and Baptiste Panthu
Cancers 2023, 15(5), 1417;
Available online:

“Advances in Imaging-Based Biomarkers in Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Critical Analysis of the Current Literature”
by Lina Posada Calderon, Lennert Eismann, Stephen W. Reese, Ed Reznik and Abraham Ari Hakimi
Cancers 2023, 15(2), 354;
Available online:

“Combining TNFR2-Expressing Tregs and IL-6 as Superior Diagnostic Biomarkers for High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Masses”
by Nirmala Chandralega Kampan, Apriliana Ellya Ratna Kartikasari, Cyril Deceneux, Mutsa Tatenda Madondo, Orla M. McNally, Katie Louise Flanagan, Norhaslinda A. Aziz, Andrew N. Stephens, John Reynolds, Michael A. Quinn et al.
Cancers 2023, 15(3), 667;
Available online:

“Hormone Receptor Expression in Meningiomas: A Systematic Review”
by Mikaël Agopiantz, Mélanie Carnot, Constance Denis, Elena Martin and Guillaume Gauchotte
Cancers 2023, 15(3), 980;
Available online:

“Quantitative Assessment of Treatment Response in Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients by SPECT-CT Bone Imaging—Getting Closer to PET-CT”
by Mirela Gherghe, Mario-Demian Mutuleanu, Adina Elena Stanciu, Ionela Irimescu, Alexandra Maria Lazar, Radu Valeriu Toma, Oana Gabriela Trifanescu and Rodica Maricela Anghel
Cancers 2023, 15(3), 696;
Available online:

“Metastatic Breast Cancer: Review of Emerging Nanotherapeutics”
by Ranga Dissanayake, Rheal Towner and Marya Ahmed
Cancers 2023, 15(11), 2906;
Available online:

“Revisiting the Syndecans: Master Signaling Regulators with Prognostic and Targetable Therapeutic Values in Breast Carcinoma”
y Juliana Maria Motta, Hebatallah Hassan and Sherif Abdelaziz Ibrahim
Cancers 2023, 15(6), 1794;
Available online:

“Role of Natural and Synthetic Compounds in Modulating NRF2/KEAP1 Signaling Pathway in Prostate Cancer”
by Giovanni Tossetta, Sonia Fantone, Daniela Marzioni and Roberta Mazzucchelli
Cancers 2023, 15(11), 3037;
Available online:

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