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Alcoholic Beverages Market
(Editor: Jan Bentzen)
30 Nov 2018 3
Anthocyanin Research in Beverage and Human Health
(Editor: Jacqui M. McRae)
30 Sep 2019
Antioxidant Activity Research and Bioactive Compounds in Beverages
(Editor: Elena Alañon)
30 Sep 2019
Beverage Intake in Vulnerable Population Groups
(Editor: Maria Kapsokefalou)
31 Jan 2019 1
Beverage Packaging 2019
(Editors: Markus Schmid, Frank Welle)
30 Jun 2019
Beverage Sensory Modification
(Editor: Manuel Malfeito Ferreira)
31 Dec 2018 8
Beverages Additives
(Editor: Ryszard Amarowicz)
20 Oct 2018 2
Beverages and Culture
(Editor: Miranda Mirosa)
15 Dec 2018
Bioactive Compounds in Plant Derived Beverages
(Editors: Teodora Basile, Fiammetta Alagna)
20 Mar 2019 3
Biotechnology, Microtechnology and Nanotechnology for New Beverages
(Editor: Filomena Nazzaro)
31 Dec 2018 1
Brewing and Craft Beer
(Editor: Luis F. Guido)
28 Feb 2019 2
Chemical Contaminants and Residues in Beverages
(Editor: Mari Carmen Garrigós Selva)
30 Sep 2019
Coffee and its Consumption: Benefits and Risks
(Editor: Koushik Adhikari)
10 Dec 2018 2
Composition Determination and Beverage Safety
(Editor: Giuliana Vinci)
31 Aug 2019
Current Trends in Analytical Techniques for Beverage Analysis
(Editor: Marina Ramos)
20 Nov 2018
Distilled Beverages: Science and Technology Across the Supply Chain
(Editor: Paul Hughes)
31 Mar 2019 1
Diversity and Flavor Innovations of Soft Drinks
(Editor: Kadri Koppel)
31 Dec 2018 1
Drinking Water
(Editor: Abua Ikem)
28 Feb 2019
Effect of Korean Traditional Alcoholic Beverages on Health
(Editors: Jang-Eun Lee, Eunjung Lee)
20 Apr 2019
Emerging Technologies for Beverages Preservation
(Editor: Margarida C. Vieira)
30 Nov 2019
Enzymes in Beverages Processing
(Editor: Matteo Marangon)
31 Jan 2019 3
Exopolysaccharides from Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bifidobacteria: Biosynthesis, Techno-Functional Role, and Novel Applications in Beverages
(Editor: Pasquale Filannino)
30 Dec 2019
Fruit Juices: Technology, Chemistry, and Nutrition
(Editors: Antonio Cilla, Alessandro Attanzio, Guadalupe García-Llatas)
31 Oct 2019
Functional Beverages, from Idea to Functionality
(Editors: Nenad Naumovski, Duane Mellor, Senaka Ranadheera)
30 Apr 2019 3
How Important Volatile Compounds Are for the Success of Beverages?
(Editor: Angel A. Carbonell-Barrachina)
31 Oct 2019
Listeria in Beverages: Prevalence and Control
(Editor: Maria L. Faleiro)
31 Jan 2019
Marketing and Management of Wine and Consumer Choice
(Editor: Julie Bower)
28 Dec 2018
Microbiological Safety of Beverages
(Editor: Ogueri Nwaiwu)
31 Dec 2018 2
(Editor: Georgios Samouris)
31 Aug 2019
NMR Analysis for Quality Control of Beverages
(Editor: Gianfranco Picone)
30 Nov 2019
Novel Beverages and Novel Technologies for Their Production
(Editors: Konstantinos Papadimitriou, Marina Papadelli, John Kapolos)
31 Jul 2019 1
Omics and Beverages
(Editor: Ulrik Kræmer Sundekilde)
31 Aug 2019
Proteins in Alcoholic Beverages
(Editors: Fernanda Cosme, António Manuel Jordão)
30 Nov 2019
Pulse Electric Field in Liquid Food Processing and Extraction
(Editors: Anet Režek Jambrak, Claudia Siemer)
20 Dec 2018
Rice Wines and Spirits
(Editors: M.J. Robert Nout, Prabir K. Sarkar)
15 Nov 2018
Sparkling Wine
(Editors: Belinda Kemp, Richard Marchal)
31 May 2019 1
Sustainability in the Beverage Sector
(Editor: Ricardo Sellers)
31 Jul 2019
Traditional Fermented Beverages
(Editors: Ogueri Nwaiwu, Folarin Oguntoyinbo)
20 May 2019 1
Valorization of Beverage Industry By-products
(Editor: Dimitris P. Makris)
31 May 2019
Viticulture for Wine Production
(Editor: Eugenio Revilla)
20 Dec 2018 2
Wine Aging Technologies
(Editors: María del Alamo-Sanza, Ignacio Nevares)
31 Oct 2018 3
Wine Tourism
(Editor: Byron Marlowe)
30 Dec 2019
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