Quality, Nutrition, and Chemistry of Beverages

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The role of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is increasing all over the world. The consumption of more traditional beverages such as wine, beer, and tea have significant historical and cultural importance. However, most beverages show different functional properties due to the many bioactive compounds they contain. This section covers all aspects related to the quality, nutrition, and chemistry of beverages through the exploration of the role of parameters such as processing and storage on the chemical composition and health-promoting properties of beverages. Moreover, recent advances and new techniques in evaluating the chemical composition and investigating quality control and authentication of beverages will be of interest for this section.

The scope of this section includes:

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Low or no alcohol beverages;
  • Tea;
  • Beer;
  • Functional beverages;
  • Impact of processing techniques on beverages quality, nutrition, and chemistry;
  • Impact of storage techniques on beverages quality, nutrition, and chemistry;
  • Novel approaches to analyze beverages quality, nutrition, and chemistry;
  • Adoption of new techniques for beverage quality control and authentication.

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