Wine, Spirits and Oenological Products

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This section covers all technical and scientific aspects related to wine, spirit, vinegar and other oenological products quality starting from grape maturity and harvest to the completion of alcoholic fermentation (and malolactic fermentation, if used, or acetic fermentation, for vinegar), distillation (for spirits), maturation, stabilization treatments and ageing.

The aim of this section is to focus on wine and oenological products-making technology, chemistry and microbiology, methods of analysis, sensory sciences and health aspects.

More specifically, the scope of this section includes the following areas:

  • Compounds of technological importance (e.g., polyphenols, macromolecules, volatiles, antioxidant compounds, etc.);
  • Authentication techniques;
  • Development of analytical methods;
  • Microorganisms (e.g., yeast, bacteria);
  • Impact of processing techniques, additives and packaging materials;
  • Role of maturation, ageing and storage;
  • Sensory characteristics connected to quality;
  • Indigenous and rare grape varieties;
  • Impact of terroir;
  • Incorporation of innovative techniques;
  • Safety and health-related aspects.


  • wine
  • spirits
  • wine technology
  • wine chemistry
  • wine microbiology
  • sensory analysis
  • authentication
  • wine ageing
  • wine stabilization
  • distillation

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