Beverage Technology Fermentation and Microbiology

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Juice composition, juice-making, fermentative processes, biotechnologies, microorganisms (yeast and bacteria species), control technologies, auxiliar processes, additives and stabilization processes are essential to producing high-quality, sensory, safe and stable beverages. The use of emerging technologies and biotechnologies allows for the improvement and stabilization of the color, flavor and palatability of ancient beverages such as wine or beer, but also the development of new products.

The aim of this section is to focus on the biotechnology and microbiology of fermented beverages, considering the use of non-conventional microorganisms, innovative processes, and emerging technologies to control and improve the production of beverages.

The scope of this section includes:

  • Use of non-Saccharomyces yeasts as starters in wine, beer, and other beverages;
  • Use of alternative bacteria as non-enococcus species for malolactic fermentation;
  • New ways of monitoring the fermentative processes;
  • Beverage metabolomics and foodomics;
  • Emerging non-thermal technologies to stabilize beverages;
  • Alternative additives: glutathione, chitosan;
  • Sequential and mixed fermentations;
  • Co-inoculations;
  • Sensory analysis;
  • Natural pigments.

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