1–4 September 2020, Seville, Spain

The sixteenth edition of the congress of the European society for agronomy (ESA) will be held in Seville from September 1 to 4, 2020. In this edition of the congress we have tried to maintain the usual lines of scientific discussion of the ESA, together with some innovations accounting for new scientific and technological trends related to agriculture and new societal challenge and demands.

Besides covering food needs, our society also demands preservation of natural resources and ecosystem services. Agricultural production should face all these demands and challenges. The congress will take into account these challenges in the scientific program. There will be 3 main lines of discussion within what are the usual themes of ESA: Crop functioning and crop quality, Farming systems and ecosystem services, and Efficient use of resources in agriculture. These lines of discussion will be articulated in 14 sessions. In addition, the congress will have three special sessions, which have the consideration of "workshop": site-specific management as a tool for efficient resource use; rice, as a critical crop in human nutrition, and intensive horticultural sustainable systems.

You will have information available in the website:

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