Pathogens-host Immune Interface

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Acting in accordance with the overall aims of the journal, the section titled Pathogen–Host Immune Interface publishes original research and review articles related to all aspects of host–pathogen interactions. All published studies are subject to peer review prior to acceptance by the editors of this section and must meet the ethical and peer-review standards set by the journal. All manuscripts are submitted to THENTICATE for a review prior to publication.


This section covers all topics relevant to the science underlying the pathogen–host immune interface, from initial innate interactions with the host cell to the most complex adaptive immune response involving different types of cells interacting at the systemic level. The term “host” is used in a broad sense, ranging from reptiles and birds to humans and other mammals in a One Health approach. Pathogen–host immune interactions that involve animal, human or zoonotic pathogens acting on their own or in association, simultaneously or with a delay, are considered. Peer review is conducted by a specialized panel for all papers submitted. This panel may include bacteriologists, mycologists, parasitologists, virologists, infectious disease specialists (MD, DVM and PhD), immunologists and basic scientists who study the interface between microorganisms and their hosts, as well as other experts, as necessitated by the particular article submitted for consideration.

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