Young Investigator Award

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Vaccines 2021 Young Investigator Award is Dr. Nicholas M. Provine.

Dr. Nicholas M. Provine is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Laboratory of Professor Paul Klenerman at Translational Gastroenterology Unit, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. His primary research interest is in understanding the fundamental immune processes that regulate the immunogenicity and efficacy of vaccines. His current project is focused on understanding the function and development of a population of T cells that are abundant in human mucosal tissues and display traits characteristic of conventional T cells as well as traits of innate immune cells, such as NK cells. This cell population is defined by the expression of the molecule CD161, and these cells can make up more than 50% of the CD8+ T cells found within portions of the intestinal tract.
Dr. Provine received his PhD in 2015 and has an outstanding publication record, comprising 29 publications in peer-reviewed international journals. He is clearly a rising star in the field of vaccine biology. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Nicholas M. Provine on his outstanding contributions to the understanding of novel vaccines.

As the awardee, Dr. Provine will receive an honorarium of 2000 CHF, a chance to publish a paper free of charge in 2022 in Vaccines, and an engraved plaque.

We would like to thank all the nominators from various fields of study for their participation and all the Award Committee Members for their evaluation of the many excellent nominations.

Prof. Dr. Ralph A. Tripp
Editor-in-Chief, on behalf of Vaccines 2021 Young Investigator Evaluation Committee

Vaccines 2021 Young Investigator Award
Past Winners


Mona O. Mohsen
University Hospital Bern

Award Committee

Dr. Ralph Tripp Chairman
Univ Georgia
Prof. Michael Bukrinsky
The George Washington University
Dr. Zixin Wang
JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr. Mark E. Peeples
Nationwide Children's Hospital


Carina Joe
Jenner Institute, University of Oxford

Award Committee

Dr. Ralph Tripp Chairman
Univ Georgia
Prof. Jorge Leitão
Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa
Prof. Giuseppe La Torre
Policlinico Umberto I
Dr. Pedro Plans-Rubio
Public Health Agency of Catalonia, Department of Health of Catalonia


Nicholas Provine
University of Oxford

Award Committee

Dr. Ralph Tripp Chairman
Univ Georgia
Prof. François Meurens
Swine and Poultry Infectious Diseases Research Center, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal
Prof. Sara Louise Cosby
Queen's University Belfast
Dr. Toru Takimoto
University of Rochester Medical Center
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