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Prof. Dr. Carmela Mariano
Dipartimento di Pianificazione, Design, Tecnologia dell'Architettura, Università di Roma La Sapienza, Roma, Italy
Interests: urban and regional planning; metropolitan government; urban regeneration; public space; planning climate-proof; urban project
Dr. Ross Beveridge
Urban Studies, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
Interests: urban politics, urban theory, political geography, critical geographies of infrastructure
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rouzbeh Nazari
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL, USA
Interests: water resources; environment and public health; resiliency planning; urban water reuse; urban monitoring and resilience; application of satellite remote sensing and drones; urban and environment; landfill monitoring and management; urban heat island and human health; climate change impact on water resources and human health
Dr. Martin Loidl
Department of Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
Interests: GIS; geography; network analysis; mobility; cycling; planning
Dr. Maryam Karimi
Department of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL, USA
Interests: environmental science; public health; urban resiliency; urban microclimate; urban heat island
Dr. Benjamin Chrisinger
Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Interests: built environment; neighborhoods; community development; health disparities; mixed methods
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