Plant Toxins

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The “Plant Toxins” section of Toxins has been initiated toinvite submission of high quality manuscripts that report new investigations into all aspects of research on plant toxins, including but not limited to:

- mechanisms of toxin action
- structure–activity relationships
- plant toxin transport
- plant toxin detection
- plant toxin biosynthesis
- plant toxin evolution and classification
- plant toxin inhibitors
- plant toxin metabolism
- anti-pathogen, anti-insect and anti-nematode activity of plant toxins
- host responses to plant toxins
- application of plant toxins to human health, food safety
- clinical effects of plant toxins
- vaccine development against plant toxins

The editors will also welcome case reports covering applications of plant toxins as novel therapeutic compounds and consider reviews that summarize current thinking or present controversial viewpoints for further discussion. Short communications that report important self-contained observations are also welcome.


Ribosome inactivating proteins, lectins, protease inhibitors, α-amylase inhibitors, ureases, thionins, antimicrobial peptides, pore-forming toxins, small molecule plant toxins, including alkaloids, terpenoids, tannins, and glycosides, toxin mode of action, plant defense, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-nematode and anti-insect activity, toxicity, catalytic activity, structure–function analysis, immunotoxins, anti-HIV and anticancer therapy, gene expression, receptor binding, intracellular trafficking, retrograde transport, ribosome interactions, translation inhibition, signal transduction, ribotoxic stress response, unfolded protein response, qRT-PCR and other diagnostic methods, metabolism, taxonomy, toxin biology, medical applications, therapeutic intervention, therapeutic molecules, drug delivery, inhibitors, high-throughput screening, toxinology, X-ray crystallography, vaccines and food safety.

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