2 April 2019
The Japanese Society of Mycotoxicology (JSMYCO) is Now an Affiliated Society Member of Toxins

In January 2019, the Japanese Society of Mycotoxicology (JSMYCO) became affiliated to Toxins. As part of this collaboration, all members of JSMYCO enjoy a discount on the article processing charges (APC) when submitting articles to Toxins.

The Japanese Society of Mycotoxicology (JSMYCO) works to increase scientific knowledge concerning toxicology, biology, and chemistry related to mycotoxins and mycotoxin-producing fungi, through membership networking, annual meetings, international symposia, seminars and publications.

JSMYCO is a professional organization whose functions are highly relevant to the scope of Toxins. We look forward to collaborating with JSMYCO and publishing state-of-the-art research from its members in this field.

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