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Applied Artificial Intelligence in Energy Systems
(Editor: Olufemi A. Omitaomu)
Energy and ICT 27 Dec 2019
Sustainability and Inclusivity in the Smart City
(Editor: Zaheer Allam)
Energy and ICT 15 Nov 2019 3
Road Safety in Smart Cities
(Editors: Giuseppe Piero Guido, Alessandro Vitale)
Smart Transportation 30 Sep 2019
Optimization of Healthcare Services for Smart Cities
(Editor: Bernard Fong)
Smart Health 1 Nov 2019
Sustainable Agricultures and Food Production in Smart Cities
(Editors: Christopher Bryant, Antonia Bousbaine)
Smart Agriculture 25 Oct 2019
Big Data Analytics for Urban Planning
(Editor: Anand Paul)
Smart Data 25 Oct 2019
Big Data Science for Cities Management
(Editors: Didier Grimaldi, Carlos Carrasco)
Smart Data 31 Oct 2019
Frontiers in Cyber-Physical-Social Data Fusion in Smart Cities
(Editors: Suparna De, Zhipeng Cai, Wei Wang, Maria Bermudez Edo)
Smart Data 27 Dec 2019
Smart Cities and Data-driven Innovative Solutions
(Editors: Seunghwan Myeong, Younhee Kim, Michale J. Ahn)
Smart Data 31 Dec 2019 1
Smart Cities, Smart Homes and Sustainable Built Environment
(Editor: Rita Yi Man Li)
Applied Science and Humanities for Smart Cities 31 Aug 2019
Information and Communication Technologies for Smart Buildings
(Editor: Helena Rifà-Pous)
Smart Buildings 27 Sep 2019
Big Data-Driven Intelligent Services in Smart Cities
(Editors: Zhixiang Fang, Lee D. Han)
31 May 2019 1
Camera Sensors in Smart Cities
(Editor: Daniel G. Costa )
30 Sep 2019 1
Geographic Knowledge Discovery and Big Data Analytics in Smart Cities
(Editor: Robert Laurini)
31 Jan 2020
Integrated Urban Energy Systems: Focus on Real World Applications
(Editors: Gonçalo Mendes, Thomas Deetjen, Tao Xu)
27 Mar 2020
Networked Sensing and Control in Smart Cities
(Editors: Shichao Liu, Wei Shi, Hamid Mehrvar, Helen Tang)
31 Dec 2019
Public Management and Governance in Smart Cities
(Editors: Ani Matei, Carmen Savulescu)
31 Dec 2019
Renewable Energy and Energy Storage in Smartgrid Perspective
(Editors: Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Umashankar Subramaniam, Dhafer Almakhles, Swaminathan Ganesan, Vigna K. Ramachandaramurthy)
30 Aug 2019
Smart Cities: Cyber Security Issues in Smart Cities
(Editors: Noor Zaman, Mamoona Humayun, Azween Abdullah, Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashem)
31 Dec 2019
Smart Recharging Stations
(Editor: Fabio Viola)
31 Dec 2019
Sustainability of Smart City Solutions: Impacts on People, Planet and Prosperity
(Editors: Aapo Huovila, Antti Ruuska, Kari Mäki)
31 Jan 2020
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