18 February 2019
Best Papers in Processes 2016 and 2017 Selected

We are pleased to announce the Best Paper Awards for research or review articles published in Processes between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017. Three papers were selected by the journal award review committee after a thorough evaluation and for each paper an award of 500 CHF will be handed out to the authors.

  1. Wurm, F.M.; Wurm, M.J. Cloning of CHO Cells, Productivity and Genetic Stability—A Discussion. Processes 2017, 5, 20.
  2. Reis, M.S.; Gins, G. Industrial Process Monitoring in the Big Data/Industry 4.0 Era: from Detection, to Diagnosis, to Prognosis. Processes 2017, 5, 35.
  3. Moyne, J.; Iskandar, J. Big Data Analytics for Smart Manufacturing: Case Studies in Semiconductor Manufacturing. Processes 2017, 5, 39.

The best papers were selected by an Evaluation Committee comprised of the following Editorial Board Members:

Prof. Michael A. Henson
Prof. Volker Hessel
Prof. Juergen Hahn
Prof. Martha A. Grover
Prof. Thomas A. Adams II
Prof. John D. Hedengren

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