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Polymer Chemistry

A section of Polymers (ISSN 2073-4360).

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The Section “Polymer Chemistry” of Polymers aims to rapidly publish contributions on all aspects of polymer chemistry. Recently, controlled polymerization techniques have progressed dramatically. As a result, many novel functional polymers have been prepared. Unfortunately, however, the control of synthetic polymer structure is still lacking when compared to biopolymers. It is expected that synthetic polymers with novel functionalities may be produced through precise control of structure. We encourage the submission of manuscripts that provide novel and mechanistic insights and papers that report on significant advances in the field. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Control of polymer structures and properties, including molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, monomer sequence, tactility, branch, etc.;
  • New concepts in polymerization;
  • Polymerization mechanisms;
  • Preparation of stimuli-responsive polymers;
  • Preparation of functional polymers;
  • Polymerization in constrained spaces;
  • Various kinds of polymer reactions;
  • Shape-controlled polymers.


new monomer; linear polymer; random copolymer; alternative copolymer; gradient copolymer; branched polymer; block copolymer; conjugated polymer; graft copolymer; star-shaped polymer; dendrimer; cyclic polymer; radical polymerization; anionic polymerization; cationic polymerization; condensation polymerization; ring-opening polymerization; coordination polymerization; polyaddition; addition condensation; living polymerization; polymerization mechanism; monomer sequence control; tactility; copolymerization; photopolymerization; new concepts in polymerization; biopolymer; polymer reaction; nanomaterials; functional polymer; stimuli-responsive polymer

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