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Being-with Ethics: Mitsein and the Possibility of a Hermeneutic Ethics
(Editor: Tina Fernandes Botts)
30 Jun 2019
Computing and Philosophy: Papers from IACAP 2014
(Editor: Vincent C. Müller)
15 Aug 2014 9
Contemporary Natural Philosophy and Philosophies - Part 1
(Editors: Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Marcin J. Schroeder)
31 Jan 2019 23
Contemporary Natural Philosophy and Philosophies - Part 2
(Editors: Marcin J. Schroeder, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic)
31 Oct 2019
Cyberphenomenology: Technominds Revolution
(Editor: Jordi Vallverdú)
15 Oct 2016 6
Frontiers of Embodied Artificial Intelligence: The (r-)evolution of the embodied approach in AI
(Editor: Luisa Damiano)
1 Apr 2019 1
Natural Computation: Attempts in Reconciliation of Dialectic Oppositions
(Editor: Marcin J. Schroeder)
15 Sep 2017 5
Philosophical Issues in Sport Science
(Editor: Emily Ryall)
1 May 2019
Philosophies of Time, Media and Contemporaneity
(Editor: Timothy Barker)
31 May 2019
Philosophies on Analogy
(Editors: Katarzyna Gan-Krzywoszyńska, Juan Manuel Campos Benítez, Piotr Leśniewski)
31 Dec 2018 3
Philosophy and Epistemology of Deep Learning
(Editors: Hector Zenil, Selmer Bringsjord)
15 May 2019 1
Philosophy and the Ethics of Technology
(Editor: Joseph C. Pitt)
15 Apr 2019
Philosophy of Cognitive Science: Selected Papers from WPCS 2017
(Editors: Sergio Daniel Barberis, Liza Skidelsky)
31 Jan 2018 9
Political Correctness—Towards a Global Ethos
(Editors: Jean-Yves Beziau, Thalia Magioglou)
31 Dec 2017 6
The Philosophy of and the Philosophical Roots of Marshall McLuhan and the Media Ecology School
(Editor: Robert K. Logan)
15 May 2016 11
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