Topical Advisory Panel

Topical Advisory Panel Members (5)

Dr. Lubomira Radoilska
Department of Philosophy, University of Kent, Kent CT2 7NZ, UK
Interests: ethics; philosophy of action and epistemology; issues at the intersection of responsibility, reasons and agency (epistemic and practical)
Dr. Thomas Rowe
Department of Philosophy, King's College London, London WC2R 2ND, UK
Interests: moral and political philosophy
Dr. Mirko Daniel Garasic
Department of Law, Economics, Politics and Modern Languages, LUMSA University, 28 - 00192 Rome, Italy
Interests: AI and digital ethics; bioethics; biopolitics; moral and political philosophy
Prof. Dr. Gregory Minissale
Department of Art, Auckland University, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Interests: contemporary art and theory; psychological and phenomenological approaches to art and materiality
Dr. David Macarthur
Department of Philosophy, The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
Interests: contemporary pragmatism; liberal naturalism; skepticism; metaphysical quietism; philosophy of language; wittgenstein; philosophy of art
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