Travel Award

We are pleased to announce the two winners of the 2020 Travel Award sponsored by Pharmacy.

This year’s award is granted to Ricarda J. Micallef, Kingston University London, and Valerie Albert, University of Basel. The award consists of 500 Swiss Francs each to support the winners’ attendance at an academic conference of their choice in 2020.

Ricarda J. Micallef is an academic pharmacist currently appointed as Associate Professor. Her current research interests are related to pharmacists and pharmacy education, including the evaluation of training events and interventions introduced to students. Her research considers both pedagogical approaches as well as professional practice.

Valerie Albert is a pharmacist and PhD student in the Pharmaceutical Care Research Group at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Her research involves adherence to polypharmacy in primary care with a focus on patients who receive an oral anticoagulation therapy. She is currently investigating the influence of educational and reminder-based intervention on medication adherence of patients after a recent stroke (MAAESTRO study).

We would like to congratulate the winners and thank the selection committee for their excellent work in the hard task of selecting the winners from the large number of excellent candidate profiles submitted for consideration.

Prof. Jeffrey Atkinson
Chair of 2020 Pharmacy Travel Award

Pharmacy 2020 Travel Award
Past Winners


Valerie Albert
Pharmaceutical Care Research Group, University of Basel
Ricarda Micallef
Kingston University London

Award Committee

Prof. Jeffrey Atkinson Chairman
Prof. David Wright
University of East Anglia
Prof. Antonio Sanchez Pozo
Prof. Paul N Shaw
The University of Queensland
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