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15–17 September 2020 The 8th World Sustainability Forum


September 2020 marks the 5th birthday of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. If it were a child and given the right circumstances, it would now have developed fine motor skills, be able to stand on one foot for 10 seconds, have long conversations, and start to develop independence and responsibility. With The 8th World Sustainability Forum, we are not only celebrating a birthday, but are also taking stock of where we are in relation to a more sustainable world, what has worked, what has not yet worked, and where we need to go next. Sustainability has gained considerable traction: Many countries have integrated sustainability and environmental protection as part of their national development agenda, many businesses have realized the considerable long-term potential in sustainable development, and many research agendas have aligned with sustainability goals. It is now time for the research, policy, and business communities to enter into enduring dialog and to embrace greater global responsibilities. With this event, we hope to contribute to building a platform and network for a sustainability agenda that fosters partnerships among stakeholders beyond the boundaries of academic disciplines, narrow national agendas, and quarterly spreadsheets. The quest is to conceive of ways to assure long-term sustainable development for our people, our planet, as well as societal and corporate profit. In light of the importance of developing institutional partnerships and networks, this forum will be coordinated by MDPI, the UN Global Compact, the Global Footprint Network, and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

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10–12 June 2020 NUTRICON Congress 2020

Ohrid, Macedonia

NUTRICON Congress series is the largest multidisciplinary world platform dedicated to: Food Quality and Safety, Health and Nutrition. NUTRICON is bringing together the scientific and expert work of: nutritionists, human medicine and dental doctors, food technologists and engineers, chemists, microbiologists, veterinarians, agricultural engineers, economists, etc. connected with food, to gain comprehensive insight and understanding of today's food quality, safety, health, and nutrition issues.

This Congress is organized in cooperation with: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), European Chemical Society (EuChemS), Black Sea Association of Food Science and Technology (B-FoST), the Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design, and Nutrients. This year, Macedonian EHEDG Section is celebrating 10 years anniversary. There will be Special EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) Session dedicated to EHEDG goals, scope of work, etc.

Also, from 8 to 10 June 2020, as pre-Congress activity, Advanced training in Hygienic Design, and Advanced HACCP training are offered to Congress participants at the Congress venue.

Abstract submission is opened. Next deadlines are: 5 and 20 February, 05 and 20 March, 05 and 20 April, and 05 and 20 May 2020.

June 10 - 12, 2020

Congress venue is Hotel Unique is located on the Lake Ohrid shores, only 1.1 km from the Ohrid city center, and 10 km from Ohrid airport. Address: Partizanska no. 56, Ohrid, Macedonia.

15–17 July 2020 XII International Conference on Immunonutriton

Barcelona, Spain

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us for the XII International Conference on Immunonutriton, which will be held in Barcelona, between the 15th and 17th July, 2020 and organized by the International Society for Immunonutrition (ISIN). Moreover, a Pre-conference course for students and junior researchers in the field during the 13rd and 14th July 2020 will be organized.

This conference is intended for students, researchers and industry or clinical professionals in the interdisciplinary field of nutritional and immunological health examining the many interactions between nutrition, immunity, lifestyle and several closely related areas of knowledge in health and disease.

In addition to being celebrated in the wonderful city of Barcelona, this conference will provide in its program an outstanding opportunity for scientific discussion, with speakers from many different countries across the world. There will be ample opportunity to present oral communications and posters from selected abstracts which will be published.

Your participation will help address the issues we as an international society, are committed to, developing a program that meets the expectations of all those who are devoted to the interdisciplinary science of Immunonutrition.

We expect the participation of 50 delegates for the pre-conference course, and 200 for the conference.

1–4 September 2020 20th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

Hotel DAP, Prague, Czech Republic

INDC is an international forum for scientific discussion focused on understanding of the relationship between nutrition and clinical diagnostics. The mission of the INDC is to improve our comprehension of the effects of nutrition on human physical and mental health.
INDC 2020 is a four-day conference. It is composed of blocks of lectures.
The conference incorporates an industrial exhibition and poster sessions.

11–13 September 2020 5th Cancer Cachexia Conference

Montreal, Canada

The 5th Cancer Cachexia Conference – Bridging Molecular Advances to Clinical Care, international in scope, will feature outstanding speakers, all leading scientists and physician-scientists actively working in the area of cancer cachexia. Oral and poster presentations along with time allotted for social interactions will fill the 3 day program. The program includes a pre-meeting focused on the advancement of clinical trials, with an emphasis on functional outcome measures and clinical trial results. We are excited to be adding several new topic sessions to our the 5th conference, titled “Metabolic Dysfunction in Cancer Cachexia,” “Nutrition Imbalance and Strategies in Cancer Cachexia,” “Therapy-induced Muscle Dysfunction and Wasting,” and “Mechanism of Muscle Wasting: Microenvironment.”

30 November–3 December 2020 3rd International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health

Parma, Italy

Dear Friends and Colleagues, it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health, that will be held from the 30 November to 3 December of 2020 in the amazing city of Parma, Italy. This third conference in the series comes after the great success of the previous meetings, held in Norwich in 2016 and in Lisbon in 2018. Both events were very well organized and were a great success. We are, therefore, committed to match these standards and are preparing what we are sure will be a unique event. The topics addressed by FBHC2020 have been broadened to cover a wide range of topics on food bioactives and health, including (poly)phenols, carotenoids, glucosinolates & other organosulfur compounds, fatty acids & sterols, polysaccharides, and peptides & protein. In addition, a session will be devoted to toxic compounds, an often overlooked topic that is important from a holistic perspective in the role of food bioactives and their impact on human health. Particular attention will be paid on transversal topics such as personalised nutrition, gut microbiota, dietary intake, and nutritional policy. The Conference aims to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing the chance to interact with renowned scientists and to stimulate creative exchange among researchers. Young scientists will have a lot of opportunities to showcase their work and obtain feedback from experienced international scientist. June is a perfect time to visit Parma, a lively and cultural city, located in Northern Italy, that is surrounded by parks, vineyards, lakes and medieval castles. Most importantly, Parma is a “food city”. It has been recognised as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and hosts the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) headquarters. The congress year, 2020, will be a great time to visit Parma as it will be the Italian Capital of Culture and full of numerous special attractions. In addition, we are planning a “family friendly conference”, with organized activities for the children of delegates during the sessions, including "learning through playing” games focusing on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. We hope you will participate in what will be a memorable conference in the beautiful city of Parma! With best wishes, The Organizing Committee

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