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25–27 September 2019 Nutrients 2019 - Nutritional Advances in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease

Barcelona, Spain

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce our first international conference Nutrients 2019 - Nutritional Advances in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease. The conference is organized by the MDPI open-access journal Nutrients (Impact Factor 4.196) and will be held as a three-day event in Barcelona, Spain, from September 25‒27, 2019.

Chronic diseases are increasing throughout the developed and developing world. A significant contributor to the burgeoning rates of chronic disease is diet, with some dietary components contributing to disease development, and others being protective. We invite researchers, food industry representatives, policy makers, and others with an interest in the impacts of diet on chronic disease to join us for what will be an exciting event.

The conference will host a number of internationally renowned speakers, and invites submissions for oral presentations and posters. All presenters at the conference will be encouraged to submit a full manuscript of their presentation for consideration for publication in a Special Issue of Nutrients.

We hope to see you in the vibrant and exciting city of Barcelona in September 2019.

Conference Chairs
Professor Lluis Serra-Majem (Editor-in-Chief of Nutrients and President of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Food Sciences)
Professor María-Luz Fernández (Editor-in-Chief of Nutrients)


15–16 February 2019 Vitamin C Symposium 2019—'Vitamin C for Cancer and Infection: from bench to bedside'

Auckland, New Zealand

There has been an upsurge in new discoveries around the role of vitamin C in cancer and infection, including a number of recent reports of clinical benefit from vitamin C administration, and new mechanistic insights are providing rationales for targeted clinical trials. This Symposium brings together respected international research scientists and clinical trialists who will share their latest discoveries around vitamin C, cancer and infection, including clinical experience and application.


13–15 May 2019 Food safety 2019 — Frontiers in Food safety and Nutrition

Brussels, Belgium

LONGDOM conferences are composed of Keynote lectures, plenary speeches, special scientific sessions, international symposiums, workshops, exhibitions, and B2B meetings. Longdom conferences has also declared a handful of other events that emphasize on other Life Science conferences like Agri-2019, Food Processing-2019, Food Safety-2019, etc. Innovative young researchers receive ‘Young Scientist Awards’ and Best Poster Awards for their contributions.


29 May–1 June 2019 DIP 2019 — 10th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome and Pregnancy

Florence, Italy

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with great pleasure to announce and to invite you to attend the 10th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy. The Symposium will take place May 29 – June 1, 2019 in Florence, Italy. The 10th DIP Symposium will highlight the progress of pregnancy - from pre-pregnancy, trimester by trimester, to labor, delivery and post-partum care. This 10th instalment of the DIP Symposium will include a Faculty comprised of renowned professionals and practitioners from all over the world - leaders in Maternal Fetal and Neonatal Medicine , Basic Science, Nutrition , Midwifery , Diabetes Nurse Educators and many more. It will showcase presentations on the most updated clinical and laboratory revolutions, evidence based and from practical experience.


19–22 September 2019 The 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition and the 14th China Nutrition Science Congress (2019)

International Expo Center, Nanjing, China

The Chinese Nutrition Society will host the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition on 19th-22rd September 2019, in Nanjing, China. The Conference theme will be "From Nutrition Research to Clinical Practice". APCCN is a biennial international nutrition congress with over 2000 participants, which be aimed at presenting the latest development of nutrition science and promoting academic exchange among nutrition researchers across the world.


23–25 November 2018 26th World Congress,on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility 2018

London, UK

The 26th COGI Congress will celebrate 40 years of IVF. World renowned leaders in the field, both past and present, will review advances and breakthroughs, and make predictions for where we are heading. Other highlights will include an inspiring fetomaternal medicine program, sessions on early prenatal diagnosis, pregnancy support, age-related risks, nutrition, the epidemic of multiple pregnancies, gynecological infertility-related diseases, and more.


24–27 October 2018 Nutrimad 2018, The XII Congress of the Spanish Society for Community Nutrition (SENC) & IV World Congress of Public Health and Nutrition

Madrid, Spain

The XII Congress of the Spanish Society for Community Nutrition (SENC), “NUTRIMAD 2018”,will be held jointly with the IV World Congress of Public Health and Nutrition from the 24-27 October 2018 in Madrid (Spain). The national and international Congresses fall under the scope of “A Global View of Food and Community Nutrition-NUTRIMAD 2018”. Madrid will become the world capital of Community Nutrition and Public health during those days. To fulfil the objectives, plenary sessions, panel sessions and symposia will be held, as well as workshops and courses, both before and during the Congress.

Prof. Gregorio Varela-Moreiras
Chair NUTRIMAD 2018


18–20 October 2018 The 7th International Conference on Natural Products

Gyeongju, Korea

On 18-20 October 2018, the Asian Society of Nature Products (ASNP) will host the NATPRO7 conference in Gyeongju, Korea. The first NATPRO conference organized by Professor Maitree Suttajit at Mahasarakham University Thailand in 2005. After NATPRO6, a group of scientists decided to continue this international conference at the global level and organized by an international society, ASNP. This biennial natural products conference will be a platform to enhance networking with natural products experts form the industry, governmental sections, and the universities from all around the globe.

22–25 September 2018 18th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

Prague, Czech Republic

The INDC 2018 is an annual leading meeting which represents an invaluable resource for nutritionists, medical doctors, analytical chemists, biochemists, chemists, and those in the clinical diagnosis seeking new technologies and new approaches in the field of nutrition, food diseases, food components and health trends. INDC is continuously growing and it is reflected by the participation of 44 nationalities and scientific contributions from a variety of application areas.

September 22 - 25, 2018
We'll meet in the beautiful historical city Prague in the “heart of Europe”. Hotel DAP. Vítězné nám. 684/4, 160 00 Praha 6-Dejvice


21–26 September 2018 First International Conference on Precision Nutrition and Metabolism in Public Health and Medicine

Chania, Crete, Greece

  • This 4-day meeting brings together experts in nutrition, metabolomics, systems biology, and computer science who otherwise would not interact to advance our fundamental understanding of biological networks, their dynamics, changes with age and interactions with nutrients.  Importantly, this meeting will also encourage future research to identify next generation biomarkers for assessment of nutrient needs in health and disease. 


6–7 September 2018 Gut-Brain Axis 2018 conference

Paris, France

On 6 & 7 September 2018, Paris will host the BioTech Pharma Summit: Gut-Brain Axis 2018 conference. This year’s event brings together leading scientists, physicians, and senior leaders to explore the human immune system and its engagement with the GI-nervous system axis in health and disease.


The ability of gut microbiota to communicate with the brain is emerging as an exciting concept in health and disease. Mounting evidence, mostly from rodent studies, suggests that gut microbes help shape normal neural development, brain biochemistry, and behaviour.


The BioTech Pharma Summit: Gut-Brain Axis 2018 will be dedicated to help large pharma, biotech, academics and clinicians unearth the intricacies of the GBA in demonstrating disease causation, and apply these findings within a clinical setting.


8–10 August 2018 5th International Vitamin Conference

Sydney, Australia

The 5th International Vitamin Conference will be held at the InterContinental Hotel, Sydney from 8 – 10 August 2018 and is aimed at vitamin researchers in the world especially chemists, geneticists, nutritionists, dietitians, epidemiologists, clinicians, food scientists and physiologists with the theme being ‘Vitamins and well-being from womb to tomb’.

The conference will recognise the importance of vitamins both water and fat soluble in human health. It is over a hundred years since the discovery of vitamins when it was a major scientific achievement in our understanding of health and disease. In 1912, Casimir Funk originally coined the term “vitamine”. We stopped discovering more vitamins by the mid-twentieth century rather trying to understand the ones discovered till today. Every vitamin studied since to understand properties and functions in health and disease was a result of work done by epidemiologists, physicians, physiologists, and chemists. Clinicians soon recognized scurvy, beriberi, rickets, pellagra, and xerophthalmia as specific vitamin deficiencies, rather than diseases due to infections or toxins.

This conference will bring several vitamin researchers from across the world to Sydney Australia for the very first time to present the latest research in the field and provide a lot of opportunities to network and collaborate.

The PROMO CODE – EARLYSPECIAL can be used for the discounted price.


12–13 June 2018 Healthy Ageing APAC Summit

Hilton Singapore

Join us at the inaugural Healthy Ageing APAC Summit. Organised by the publishers of FoodNavigator-Asia.com and NutraIngredients-Asia.com, the number one daily news service for the food and supplements industry, the Healthy Ageing APAC Summit focuses on nutrition and food solutions to meet Asia-Pacific’s population challenges

The Asia-Pacific region is currently home to about 60 percent of the world’s population of older people, defined as those aged 60 years or older. The number of older persons in the region is expected to more than double from 547 million in 2016 to nearly 1.3 billion by 2050.

This means the demand for nutrition and food products suitable for the elderly population will soar, while younger people are increasingly aware that the nutrition and health choices they make today will affect their quality of life in older age.

This event will look at how the nutrition and food industry can meet the needs of the rapidly ageing populations of today, and more crucially, tomorrow.


11–13 May 2018 7th Annual Nutrition Middle East Congress on Clinical Nutrition

Wyndham Grand Hotel Athens, Greece

In Collaboration with

"Hellenic Society of Enteral, Parenteral Nutrition and Metabolism – HEPAN"

"EDC, Center for Diabetes Education"

"2017 Program was accredited by 16 hours from the "Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics"

More Than 20 International KOL Speakers


12–14 April 2018 4th International Congress of Probiotics, Prebiotics in Pediatrics

Bari, Italy

Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the Fourth Edition of “Prebiotics and Probiotics in Pediatrics” on April 12-14, 2018. The meeting is a unique opportunity to focus on the most updated basic and clinical research on prebiotics and probiotics for the developing human. The three-day meeting will cover the major novelties in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Obesity, Allergy, Nephrology, Neonatology and the new scenario on Gut-Brain Communication. Meeting the major experts in the field will be a great scientific opportunity.
Besides the scientific aspect, Bari is a beautiful small city by the Adriatic sea preserved from the mass tourist routes and yours to discover. Everyone should experience the fantastic food and landscape of the ancient and magic Puglia region!

Prof. Flavia Indrio
Head of the Organizing Committee


1–2 March 2018 Nutrition in Athlete Development Summit

Madrid, Spain

This innovative sports event will be focusing on the best practices and latest innovative approaches in sports nutrition dedicated to professional sportspeople and coaches, representatives of sport clubs and other units, sports nutrition and supplement providers, and producers.

The practical approach is prevailing! Do not miss this opportunity to hear about nutrition guidelines from top-ranked clubs, federations, and agencies! Adding to that, hear some of the industry's experts discuss and go in depth with their respective presentation topics.

This summit will serve as a platform for networking with an excellent line-up, encompassing different sports speakers and delegates. The speakers' board includes a range of speakers from different sporting backgrounds including football, rugby, golf, cycling, handball, tennis, Olympic sports, universities, and anti-doping agencies.

Join us at this incredible summit on the 1st and 2nd of March in Madrid!


26–28 February 2018 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

Loma Linda University, Southern California, USA

The 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition (7ICVN), on the campus of Loma Linda University, in Southern California, from February 26 to 28, 2018. Since 1987, the congress has been held only every five years and is the premier scientific conference on the health effects of plant-based diets. It brings together international scientists, physicians, nutritionists, dietitians, and other health professionals to showcase the latest advances from basic science, epidemiology, and clinical trials in vegetarian nutrition. The theme of the scientific program for the 7th ICVN is “Plant-based Nutrition for Personal, Population and Planetary Health.” The format of the Congress includes plenary lectures, panel discussions, and oral and poster abstract presentations.


26–29 November 2017 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition

Adelaide, Australia

Nutrients is pleased to support the 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition. The abstract submissions are now open and will close on 30 June. Abstracts presented at the conference will be published in Nutrients as a conference report. In addition, conference delegates are invited to submit their presentations in the form of a full manuscript for publication in a Special Issue of the journal. Full manuscripts will be subjected to the usual peer-review process, but those that are accepted for publication will be published for a discounted publication fee of CHF800, which represents a 50% discount off the usual CHF1600 fee.

Nutrients is also pleased to sponsor the student oral and poster presentation prizes for the conference. Each prize will consist of a certificate, AUD$500 cash, and an invitation for the winners to publish their data as a manuscript in Nutrients free of charge.


2–3 November 2017 5th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA

San Diego, USA

As part of its worldwide microbiome series, Global Engage is pleased to announce the 5th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: USA which will be held on 2- 3 November, 2017 and will be located with the 2nd Probiotics Congress: USA.

Last year’s congress attracted over 350 industry, academic and investment leaders to discuss the microbiome in health and disease; challenges and opportunities in moving research towards commercialization; and potential partnerships and collaborations.

Over 400 attendees are expected to converge on San Diego this fall to hear a 70-strong speaker faculty discuss the latest developments; engage in expert-led roundtable discussions and extended panel discussions; analyse the newest biotechs and start-ups worthy of investment; and utilise over seven hours of dedicated networking time to broaden business connections within the field. The Global Engage series is rapidly gaining a fantastic reputation as the number one microbiome networking event. If looking to either learn more from the top scientists in the microbiome and probiotic space; showcase exciting developments in your research; or seek partnerships and funding within the industry; it is a congress not to be missed.


5–7 October 2017 The National Congress of SIGENP 2017

Rome, Italy

The National Congress of SIGENP at the 24th edition aims to open today's research into the practice of the future, both in terms of gastroenterology and pediatric nutrition and hepatology.

In pre-congressional courses, the techniques are emphasized, while a thread underlined at all the days of the congress is the novelty in the subject of an individualized approach, both in terms of therapy and prevention, from the pathology to those in which it is used for preventive purposes . Such approaches can be of interest to all levels of pediatrics, the territory of the outpatient clinic, the hospital for research, and extend to 360 degrees involving all the fields that SIGENP members may be interested in.


8–9 July 2017 NutriFood 2017 (Advances in Human Nutrition, Food Science & Technology 2017)

Toronto, Canada

Second International Conference on Advances in Human Nutrition , Food Science & Technology 2017 is the  premier knowledge building event and the  presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Food Science and Nutrition sector in Canada. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world.
Main Themes of the conference

    Advanced biotechnological and  Nano-science   developments and applications
    Bio-active compounds ingredients and technologies
    Consumer attitudes to food and risk assessment.
    Food allergies and intolerance¡¯s
    Food function and relationships between diet and disease
    Molecular, micro- and macro-structure
    New developments in food engineering
    Rapid techniques for online control
    Novel processing and packaging technologies
    Quality assurance methods and application of -omics techniques
    Risk assessment of both biological and non-biological hazards in food


19–22 June 2017 35th Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition

Skagen, Denmark

We were delighted to host the 35th International Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition, in Skagen, Denmark from June 19 to 22, 2017.

The symposium represents the annual meeting of the Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group (DNSG) of the European Association for the study of Diabetes (EASD). It brings together international scientists, physicians, and dietitians to showcase the latest advances from basic science to clinical trials in diabetes and nutrition through plenary lectures, panel discussions, and oral and poster abstract presentations.

The theme of 35th scientific program as well as abstract submission will soon be announced.

We thank all the 2017 speakers, admins and attendees for a vibrant and rewarding event in Skagen, Denmark 2017


15–17 May 2017 Global Summit on Nutritional Science & Food Chemistry

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nutritional Science 2017 is a premier knowledge building event in the food and nutrition division. It will be a platform for the presentations and exposures of new trends and advances of the research work to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Nutritional Science & Food Chemistry. Furthermore, it is opportunity to join the international community in your field of interest and experience and explore Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -the most exciting international cultural city in the world.


3–4 April 2017 Probiotics Congress: Europe

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


An increasing awareness of the importance of the role different bacterial ecosystems play with regards to human health has led to a surge in research, publications and companies in the microbiome and probiotic space. As changes in our lifestyle and the growth of multi-drug resistant bacterial strains have also increased the need for better solutions and management of chronic and life-threatening illnesses, microbiome and probiotic research is one of the most scientifically important and potentially lucrative avenues to be exploring. There is mounting evidence that selected probiotic strains can confer health benefits to us, especially with regards to digestive diseases and pediatric health. Further research into mechanisms of action for particular strains, large-cohort clinical trials, and compliance with good manufacturing practice and standards will result in the next generation of probiotic products to ultimately advance both patient and animal care.

As part of our worldwide microbiome series we are co-locating the European Probiotics Congress with the 4th European Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum. Both events will be held on April 3-4, 2017 at the historic Beurs van Berlage Conference Centre in central Amsterdam.


1–2 March 2017 3rd Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Congress: Asia

Hong Kong

Building on the success of our 2015 and 2016 congresses, Global Engage is pleased to announce the 3rd Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Congress: Asia, which will be held on March 1 – 2, 2017 in Hong Kong and co-located with our 2nd Probiotics Congress. Last year’s successful event attracted over 200 attendees.

Recognised around the world, as the leading conferences for bringing together Pharma, Biotech, Academic Institutions and investors who are partnering together to develop and progress ground-breaking microbiome research into commercially viable products. The 2017 congress is not one to miss.

Developments in the field of metagenomics have allowed researchers to explore the diverse microbiota in the human body. Research has shown that the microbiome is linked to natural immunity, metabolism, behavioural traits, and broadly speaking, plays an instrumental role in health and disease. With large-scale collaborative projects underway and sequencing data placed in the public domain, there is a rich source of information for researchers and companies looking for opportunities in this exciting field. Increasingly, there are indications that the human microbiome is key to curative and preventative medicine so efforts are being focused on expanding investment opportunities, performing more clinical trials and spurring innovative research in this area. Coupled with an increasing focus on healthy living and a therapeutics market that is expected to grow to $1.2 trillion by 2016, microbiome research is set to make waves in the science and medical world through its application in preventative treatments, cures, therapies and supplements.


27–28 January 2017 The 6th World Sustainability Forum

Cape Town, South Africa

An international scientific conference of the journal Sustainability under the patronage of the University of Basel, University of the Western Cape, University of Cape Town and the National Research Foundation of the Republic of South Africa.


5–6 December 2016 Asia Pacific Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics Organisation 2016 Biennial Conference (APNNO 2016)

Gyeongju, South Korea

APPNO 2016 will continue the tradition of holding biennial conferences in the Asia-Pacific region on Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics. It will also be the first conference in the series organised by APNNO since its foundation in May 2014.


3–6 October 2016 16th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

Prague, Czech Republic.

Following the success of the previous International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference we are delighted to invite you to the next year’s event on 3 – 6 October 2016 at Hotel DUO in Prague, Czech Republic.
INDC 2016 will once again bring together medical doctors, analytical chemists, biochemists, chemists, and those in the clinical diagnosis seeking research breakthroughs, new technologies and new approaches in the field of nutrition, food diseases, food components and health trends.
Nutrition, food science and diagnostics have improved their importance in today´s human´s life style. Food diseases, nutritional disorders, and malnutrition habits are becoming major public health concerns recently. It is important for people to balance nutrition and physical activity nowadays, therefore is determinant to prevent and manage food diseases.
In addition to the scientific content, INDC 2016 will include an industrial exhibition where delegates can learn about the latest developments in instrumentation for clinical diagnosis, and separation science. There will also be a business meeting which will give the opportunity to delegates to meet potential partners and researches.


13–15 September 2016 The 1st International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health Conference

Norwich, UK

To provide an open forum that brings together researchers from various scientific communities to present the latest research and discuss common themes and challenges to understanding the impacts of food bioactives on health.


The conference will be organised around a series of themes that are relevant to all food bioactives, including:

  • Latest evidence of the beneficial effects of food bioactives in humans
  • Bioavailability and metabolism
  • COST POSITIVe Session: Inter-individual variation in response to food bioactives
  • Mechanisms of action
  • Functional foods and health claims
  • Bioactive intakes and exposure, novel sources
Who should attend?

Researchers from academia and the agri-food sector with interests in the health benefits of food bioactives, health claims, functional foods and nutraceuticals.


29 June–1 July 2016 34th International Symposium on Diabetes & Nutrition

Prague, Czech Republic

The Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group (DNSG) of the European Association for the study of Diabetes (EASD) will hold its 34th International Symposium on Diabetes & Nutrition in Prague, Czech Republic in June 29–July 1, 2016.

The DNSG which has held this conference every year since 1982, has worked to realize better scientific interchange on clinical and metabolic effects of nutrition in relation to diabetes. The group is comprised of 77 standing members, who are world's renowned experts and thought leaders in their respective areas of nutrition and diabetes.

The meeting will be a tremendous opportunity to bring together physicians, researchers, dietitians, nurses, scientists and students to discuss and debate the emerging science in the area.


26–27 June 2016 International Conference on Advances in Human Nutrition, Food Science & Technology 2016

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Unique Conferences Canada and International Center for Research & Development with their global conference partners wish to announce the NutriFood2016—International Conference on Advances in Human Nutrition, Food Science & Technology 2016 which will be held on 26-27 June,2016 , Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

This two day interactive international forum which create an opportunity for academics, practitioners, PhD students to come together, review their research findings, exchange ideas, and discuss emerging trends.


World class Keynote speakers
Discover new trends in research & development
Enhance and up-date the knowledge
Global audience
03 Day conference program
Publication of your paper online with Canadian ISBN number
Best presenter awards for PhD students
An opportunity to explore the world famous Universities in Toronto
An opportunity to forward your paper to a reputed journal


21–23 June 2016 The International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics–IPC2016

Budapest, Hungary

Probiotics are nonpathogenic live microorganism that can provide a diverse health benefits on the host. Prebiotics is a non-digestible fiber compounds that induce the growth or activity of microorganisms. Taking probiotics plus prebiotics could bring diverse types of health benefits. Probiotics are consumed in diverse ways including dairy product, food supplements and functional foods with specific health claims. Recently, many reports suggest that certain probiotic strains or multi strain mixture have potent immunomodulatory activity in diverse disorders including allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis and rheumatoid arthritis. However some of the probiotic strains have an adverse effect on people with underlying health problems or immuno-compromised individuals. In addition, however, efficacy of probiotic administration is quite different depending on the type of strains and the amounts of doses and underlying mechanism of action is still unclear.


22–26 May 2016 The 10th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Tel Aviv, Israel

On behalf of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISNN) and the Center of Nutrigenomics and Functional Foods of the Hebrew University, we are delighted to invite you to the 10th Annual Meeting of ISNN. The Meeting will take place from Sunday the 22nd to Thursday the 26th of May 2016, in the vibrant beautiful city of Tel Aviv situated on the Mediterranean coast, also known as the city that never sleeps. We are compiling a scientific program which will include cutting edge and latest discoveries in all related, most fast moving disciplines of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Scientific Program
The scientific program will include recent advances and state of the art lectures covering genetic, immunological, microbiological and clinical developments in the field of nutrigenomics /nutrigenetics and functional foods. There will be many opportunities to discuss and share our clinical and research field interests, to present original works, to see old friends and to meet new colleagues.

Who should attend?
The 10th International Conference on nutrigenomics will provide a unique platform for discussing the interplay between nutrition and the genome. New points of view on this interplay will be presented and discussed, including: Novel mediators such as MicroRNA, selected components of the diet and gene expression, and data mining - novel means and novel outcomes. The conference is designed for scientists and professionals in the fields of Nutritional and Food Sciences, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Metabolism, Neonatology, Public health, Molecular cell biology, Genetics and Immunology. It is an outstanding opportunity for international scientists, leaders and beginners, to foster novel interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

Join us and enjoy the combination of science, professional exchange of ideas and great company all in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Catch up with old and new colleagues and establish new relationships while discovering the latest developments in nutrigenetics.


1–4 December 2015 Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand and the Nutrition Society of Australia

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, New Zealand

The Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand and the Nutrition Society of Australia will be held in Wellington, New Zealand at Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand, located on the Wellington waterfront. 
The theme of this year's conference is 'Past, Present, Future: 100 years of Nutrition ' which will include a plenary session on nutrition in history with a focus on war and the military (in recognition of the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli), as well as plenary sessions on topical issues in food, nutrition and health of concern now and in the future. In addition to the plenary sessions, there will be numerous concurrent sessions of short oral talks, invited speakers giving the Dairy Australia Lecture and the Muriel Bell Lecture, and two poster sessions. We will also be offering a selection of optional satellite sessions including the Student Masterclass, Evaluating the Evidence, and the sponsored Young Investigator Lunch where students and post-doctoral fellows can network with senior scientists.


2–3 November 2015 Resveratrol Regional Meeting 2015

Dijon, Bourgogne, France

After Resveratrol meeting 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014, it  is  a  great  pleasure  to  invite  you  to participate  in  Resveratrol 2015  meeting that will be held on 02-03 November in Dijon, France.
Resveratrol (trans-3,4’5-trihydroxystilbene), a main wine microcomponent, possesses a myriad of beneficial effects and acts at multiple levels such as cellular signaling, enzymatic pathways, apoptosis and gene expression to prevent or to fight coronary heart damages, cancers and degenerative diseases. The proofs of the health effects of resveratrol in humans are still under its way but the animal experiments are very promising.
During the 1½-day Resveratrol2015 meeting in Dijon, International and national speakers will give stimulating presentations on resveratrol relative to its bioproduction, its role in the grapevine ecosystem and the new discovers in health effects. Data presented during the two-day meeting will be the latest updates of scientific findings in resveratrol-science. Every main session will be opened by international scientists will highlight the following strategic subjects:

Resveratrol, Metabolism and Obesity
Resveratrol and Cardiovascular diseases
Production of Resveratrol and Derivatives
Resveratrol and eyes
Resveratrol and Cancers
Resveratrol and Inflammation – Immunity
Resveratrol and Degenerescence - Aging

During the conference, there will also be organized poster sessions again promoting exchanges of knowledge between participants. Prices of the best communications will be awarded. Young scientists and PhD students are welcome to participate in the meeting and share their research in the resveratrol field (short oral or poster presentations).


25–26 September 2015 2nd International Congress on Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine

Barcelona, Spain

On behalf of the International Society of Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine (ISCHOM), it is a great pleasure to announce the second International Congress on Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine to be held in Barcelona on 25 and 26 September, 2015.

As with the First Congress held in Florence last September, we would like to share and update the current knowledge concerning the health properties of cocoa and chocolate, and to bring together researchers and companies in order to strengthen the knowledge in this field. All disciplines concerning human health are welcome; topics will range from nutrition to cardiovascular, antioxidant or gastrointestinal systems, to cancer prevention, dermatology, obstetrics, gynaecology, psychiatry, etc. The meeting will be distinguished by its multidisciplinarity and will represent a forum of discussion on the healthy features of cocoa and its derivatives in several fields, allowing those evidences available today, including any controversial aspects, to be debated, opening up new fields of investigation and interest.

We invite you to the historical building of the University of Barcelona, situated in the downtown of our cosmopolitan, open-minded, warm and Mediterranean city. Barcelona and Catalonia are home to many industries, including manufacturers of chocolate products, who will also be welcomed to our meeting.

We are very much looking forward to meeting anyone who is a specialist, or who has an interest in any aspect of chocolate or cocoa, in order to remind ourselves and reaffirm the reasons why it is called the food of the Gods.


9–11 September 2015 Australasian Section Biennial Meeting

The Pier, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

The Australasian section of the American oil society (AAOCS) is holding their biennial conference at "The Pier" Geelong Waterfront 9-11 September, 2015.

The theme of this year's conference is "Looking back, thinking forward" and aims to look at how far fats and oils research/industry has come as well as to the future to predict where it is heading.

The program will present the latest science and industry updates relating to edible oil and ingredient supply, biotechnology, manufacture of fat-based products, nutritional research, oil analysis, latest developments with omega-3 oils, dairy lipids and other activities that support the industry. Furthermore, planned workshops on spreads/ margarine formulation and infant formula lipids, led by international experts, are in planning to occur prior to the conference.

The program will be structured to allow delegates to meet colleagues in a social environment to discuss matters of mutual interest. An area for the display of posters and products will support this environment.


7–9 September 2015 The 5th World Sustainability Forum

Centre for Teaching and Research of the University Hospital of Basel

2015 is an important year for all of us. We are taking stock of the accomplishments based on the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that were adopted in the year 2000. The results of these efforts are immensely positive. In most countries around the globe, extreme poverty and hunger have been reduced, and infant, child, and maternal mortality have decreased. Girls have better access to primary schooling, progress has been made in slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, access to safe drinking water and sanitation has improved, and more information and knowledge is available to more people via the internet than ever before. However, not all goals have been achieved and some regions have benefitted less, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

The period marked by the MDGs will end in December 2015. As part of the post-2015 development agenda, the international community is working intensely on a new set of goals, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to be adopted at the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly in the second half of September 2015. The new set of goals, despite their similarity in some aspects, go beyond the MDGs in that (a) the formulation and focus of the goals are more encompassing, explicitly requiring active participation from wealthy and poor nations alike, and that (b) the overall focus is shifting away from ameliorating the situation of poor and underdeveloped regions and societies toward improving the sustainability of global economic and social development while concurrently protecting the environment.

First Call - The 5th World Sustainability Forum (WSF5)- Transitioning toward Sustainability


6–8 May 2014 5th International Conference on Natural Products for Health and Beauty (NATPRO 5)

Moevenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket, Thailand

NATPRO 5 will feature leading international speakers including and bring together government leaders, researchers, professors, pharmacologists, drug regulatory agencies, drug safety specialists, healthcare professionals, healthcare technology providers, health insurance providers, patient safety advocates, and consumer groups from all over the world.

Major topics of discussion related to natural products for health and beauty, discovery and development will include: Chemistry of natural products, Efficacy of natural products, Health and beauty products, Safety and regulations of natural products,and Miscellaneous.


3–4 May 2014 The 4th International Conference on the Science of Nutrition in Medicine and Healthcare

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The 2014 Conference will be held in conjunction with the 8th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics (ISNN) and delegates can opt to attend either or both conferences.

This world-class international meeting will bring together the medical, nutrition and scientific communities to explore the clinical application of the latest in nutritional, genetic and genomic science.


2–3 May 2014 8th Congress of ISNN 2014

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

This will be a unique opportunity for some 400 scientists, graduate students, healthcare and foodindustry professionals from all over the world to meet and discuss the latest developments in this cutting-edge field of research which explores the effects of nutrition on the genome and how dietary requirements may vary depending on inherited genes.

The theme of the Congress is: “Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics to Optimise Health in rapidly Aging and Culturally Diverse Populations”


23–25 April 2014 Vitamin D and Human Health: From the Gamete to the Grave

London, UK

Entitled ‘Vitamin D and Human Health: From the Gamete to the Grave’, this conference will bring together international experts in the vitamin D field to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest clinical evidence relating to the effects of vitamin D on human health throughout the life course.

Our meeting has two aims. First, we will create a forum for clinical trialists, epidemiologists and health services researchers to meet and forge new collaborations, with the potential to advance the field by the establishment of new consortia for individual patient data meta-analysis. Second, we will provide practicing clinicians, public health professionals, nutritionists and policy-makers with a state-of-the-art overview of the latest findings from clinical research in this rapidly evolving field to inform their day-to-day practice.

We anticipate that this event will attract a large international audience of vitamin D researchers and interested clinicians: our venue will accommodate 400 delegates. A call for abstracts for oral / poster presentation will be announced in July 2013, and a list of invited speakers who have confirmed their attendance appears below.

We look forward to welcoming you to London next year.


30 January–1 February 2014 The 2nd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth

Barcelona, Spain

The 2nd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth will provide a unique platform for discussing the interplay between nutrition and growth in children. The conference will attract a community of nutritionists, neonatologists, pediatricians and other experts in child development who share a passion for exchanging ideas and analysis in the field of pediatric nutrition. In keeping with the extraordinary success of the 2012 meeting, N&G 2014 will present a rich and diverse list of abstract topics – tailored to a truly international audience of experts and specialists. Interdisciplinary collaborations will be facilitated via a wide variety of sessions.


5–6 December 2013 Fertility & Antioxidants 2013

Paris, France

Fertility & Antioxidants 2013 will highlight cutting-edge advances in oxidative stress effects and impacts in infertility. The Scientific Committee will highlight also the recent innovations and applications of antioxidants to prevent and treat infertility. These two days event will feather recent findings from leading industrial, clinical and academic experts in the field, in the form of lectures and posters.
Hot topic 2013 will be Mitochondria: Oocyte mitochondria and sperm mitochondria: where are the targets?


6–8 November 2013 AOCS Australasian Section Biennial Meeting

Newcastle, Australia

Learn, share, and discuss science and industry progress related to all aspects of fats and oils. The meeting will focus on the debate over oils produced for food versus their increased use in biofuels.
There will be a full-day Frying Workshop (November 6) as well as a joint full-day Omega-3 Symposium (November 7) with the Omega-3 Centre, highlighting the latest research on omega-3 oils.
The Student awards will be sponsored by Nutrients journal.


17–18 October 2013 4rd World Congress on Targeting Mitochondriawhich


After the success of the third editions, the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) decided to organize the 4rd World Congress on Targeting Mitochondriawhich will be held in Berlin in October 17-18, 2013.

This 4rd World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria will cover a variety of new strategies and innovations as well as clinical applications in Mitochondrial Medicine. Just as for the previous editions of “Targeting Mitochondria”, the scientific committee has again succeeded in inviting an outstanding panel of speakers; each one of which a leader in their particular field.


26–29 August 2013 INDC 2013

Olomouc, Czech Republic

INDC 2013 – The 13th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference 2013 is an international forum for scientific discussion focused on understanding the relationship and connections between nutrition and clinical diagnostics. The aim of this multidisciplinary conference is to bridge the gaps between the specialists and fields of science as diverse as nutrition, clinical biochemistry, food technology, analytical chemistry and medicine.


9–12 June 2013 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition

Tokyo, Japan

The 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition (APCCN 2013), being held 9-12 June 2013 in Tokyo, Japan, will bring together clinicians, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, hospital pharmacists, nursing staff and others who share an interest in patient nutrition. Over the course of four days, you will:

  • Gain fascinating insights that will enhance your practice upon returning home
  • Learn about the most up-to-date research and analysis in the field
  • Benefit from an innovative multidisciplinary scientific program
  • Increase your practical know-how on a wide range of topics
  • Mix and mingle with leading experts in the field


15–17 May 2013 11th China Nutrition Science Conference & International DRIs Summit

Hangzhou, China

11th China Nutrition Science Conference & International DRIs Summit will be held on May 15-17th, 2013 at the beautiful city, Hangzhou China. The main theme of this conference is “Evolution of DRIs: nutrition science and practice based on evidence”. The purpose of this conference is to exchange the research experience on DRIs and push the development of nutrition science.


14–18 April 2013 Fifth Meeting of the International BioIron Society

University College London UK

The BioIron conference is the main international forum for comprehensive presentation and discussion of cutting-edge advances in iron biology, iron-related diseases (iron overload disorders, iron-restrictive anemias, and others), and diagnostics and therapies related to these diseases.


6–7 December 2012 Fertility & Antioxidants Therapy 2012

Paris, France

It is our great pleasure to announce the 2nd World Congress on Fertility & Antioxidants: Strategies to Overcome Male & Female Infertility to be held in Paris, France in December 6-7, 2012.


3–5 December 2012 International Conference on Obesity and Weight Management

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Obesity-2012 is a remarkable event which brings together a unique and International mix of large and medium Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, leading universities and clinical research institutions making the conference a perfect platform to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.


13–14 November 2012 The 2nd Oxford Functional Food Conference

The Oxford Hotel, Oxford, United Kingdom

The Functional Food Centre, Oxford Brookes University and the Richardson Centre for Functional Food and Neutraceuticals, University of Manitoba are delighted to be hosting the 2nd Oxford Functional Food Conference. For this 2012 conference, our 2 day programme focuses on functional foods and their role in helping to tackle obesity, diabetes and inflammation. We have an exciting assembly of speakers from the UK, Europe, the US and Canada to guide us through their latest research and insights in these areas.


8–9 November 2012 3rd World Conference on Targeting Mitochondria 2012

Berlin, Switzerland

After the success of the two first editions held in 2010 & 2011, the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) decided to organize the 3rd World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria which will be held in Berlin in November 8-9, 2012.


15–17 October 2012 The 6th International Immunonutrition Workshop

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

The workshop will be held in Palma de Mallorca on the 15th to the 17th of October, 2012. On this workshop, internationally renowned scientists will present state-of-the-art information on interesting and timely topics related to immunonutrition, the interaction between nutrition and immunity.


19 September 2012 Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health

Washington, DC, USA

The Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health will be a plenary session on new and emerging science regarding the effects of tea in promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic disease, with a discussion of the underlying mechanisms of action by tea polyphenols. The symposium will feature top researchers in the field of tea and human health around the world.


3 September 2012 The 3rd Annual Food Industry Forum for Nutrition Research

Sydney, Australia

The 3rd Annual Forum will be held in Sydney at the Stamford Sydney Airport Hotel on Monday 3rd September 2012 and will be hosted by the University of Newcastle, the University of South Australia and CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences and supported by Newcastle Innovation. 
With a full day scientific program concluding with dinner, the Forum will once again provide current perspectives from local and overseas experts based on the latest nutrition research addressing such challenging themes as "Food for the Body" "Food for the Mind" and "Nutrition Policy ' Where Government, Science and Industry Intersect".

PDF-flyer with full information: http://www.newcastleinnovationhealth.com.au/sites/default/files/content/food_industry_forum_2012.pdf


27–29 August 2012 International Conference and Exhibition on Nutritional Science & Therapy

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Nutritional Science-2012 is a unique event which invites all the nutritionists, health professionals, neonatologists & pediatricians, experts in child development & other specialists, nutrition influencers and researchers. This meeting will enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge to facilitate research advances in the field of nutrition by connecting scientists within and across disciplines at sessions and exhibition held at the venue, creates an environment conducive to information exchange, generation of new ideas.


27–29 August 2012 International Conference and Exhibition on Nutritional Science & Therapy


Nutritional Science-2012 is a unique event which invites all the nutritionists, health professionals, neonatologists & pediatricians, experts in child development & other specialists, nutrition influencers and researchers. This meeting will enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge to facilitate research advances in the field of nutrition by connecting scientists within and across disciplines at sessions and exhibition held at the venue, creates an environment conducive to information exchange, generation of new ideas.

International Conference and Exhibition on Nutritional Science & Therapy will schedule and coordinate all meetings with our editorial board members and other nutritional science experts.
Conference Highlights the following topics:
•  Nutritional Assessment and Basic Requirements  
•  Nutritional Deficiency and Disease Risk  
•  Nutritional Disorders and Therapy  
•  Food Processing and Technical Methods 
•  Food Science and Technology  
•  Stage-Specific Nutrition Requirements  
•  Nutrition and Public Health 
•  Nutrition, Growth, and Development
•  Nanotechnology in Nutritional Science


26–30 June 2012 XVI International Congress on Nutrition and Metabolism in Renal Disease

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The Congress is dedicated to disseminating the latest scientific advances in the field of renal nutrition and metabolism as they relate to patients with kidney diseases including chronic kidney disease (CKD) and acute kidney injury (AKI). Both the Scientific and Program Committees and the local organizers in Hawaii have made significant efforts to assemble an outstanding scientific and clinical program which will include scientific sessions, satellite symposia, free communication sessions, simultaneous poster sessions and multidisciplinary workshops.

These sessions will cover a wide range of contemporary topics that are relevant to nephrologists, dietitians, internists, nutritionists, dialysis nurses and technicians, pharmacists and pharmacologists, researchers, clinicians allied health care professionals and industry affiliates.


29–31 May 2012 Metabolism, Diet and Disease

Washington DC, USA

The aim of the conference is to show how basic research on the biochemistry, cell biology and genetics of metabolism can address the major health problems of cancer, obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance, and explain ageing and longevity.


16–18 April 2012 The 9th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference

Boston, MA, USA

Nutrition & Health: State of the Science and Clinical Applications is the premier nutrition conference for health professionals in the U.S. Presented by Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, the conference assembles internationally-recognized researchers, clinicians, educators, and chefs, all of whose work focuses on the interface between nutrition and healthful living.


13–16 March 2012 Epidemiology and Prevention (EPI) & Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism (NPAM) 2012 Scientific Sessions

San Diego, CA, USA

The primary goal of the joint EPI/NPAM Spring 2012 Scientific Sessions is to promote the development and application of translational and population science related to the prevention of heart disease and stroke.


1–3 March 2012 1st International Conference on Nutrition and Growth (N&G)

Paris, France

The purpose of this pediatric nutrition conference is to bring together nutritionists, neonatologists, pediatricians, experts in child development and other specialists to discuss the challenges of the interplay between nutrition and growth in youth.

The meeting will enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge to facilitate research and clinical interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on pediatric endocrinology and gastroenterology


21–23 February 2012 International Scientific Conference on Bacteriocins and Antimicrobial Peptides – BAMP2012

Kosice, Slovakia

The scientific programme will focus on current advances in the science and research of bacteriocins and antimicrobial peptides.

At BAMP2012 leading scientists from industry and academia will present and discuss current advances in the research of bacteriocins and antimicrobial peptides. Key themes will be isolation, characterization, mechanism-of-action, food, clinical and veterinary applications of novel or already characterized bacteriocins produced by lactic or non-lactic acid bacteria.

Further to its scientific content, BAMP2012 is a networking event, a unique opportunity to meet those who are worldwide involved with basic research or application development of bacteriocins and antimicrobial peptides. Initiation of cross-border co-operations between scientists and institutions will be also facilitated.

The language of the conference is English.


27–28 October 2011 Tea & Health 2011

Berlin, Germany

On behalf of International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH), we are pleased to announce you the organisation of the 4th World Congress on Tea & Health: Recent Advances & Applications as Medicalized Food. This conference will be held in Berlin in October 27-28, 2011. Tea & Health 2011 be held under the patronage of ISANH, the French Society of Antioxidants (SFA) and the Japanese Society of Antioxidants.

After the success of the three past conferences, the Scientific Committee decided to organize the fourth edition to highlight the recent advances and clinical applications of green tea and green tea extracts in various pathologies and discuss about the potential applications of tea and green tea as medicalized food & drinks. During Tea & Health 2011, the Scientific Committee will allocate significant time to discuss the latest advances relating scientific studies concerning tea and its consumption.

The aim of Tea and Health 2011 is to provide answers and to give a future vision of how Tea Polyphenols can enhance human nutrition and help in the prevention and treatment (tea as promising drugs) of many chronic diseases.


25–27 October 2011 International Scientific Conference on Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods - FF2011

Kosice, Slovakia

Nutraceuticals and functional foods are intensively researched for their role in maintaining health and the preventing diseases. The science behind is growing rapidly not only because of the growing number of new substances or type of novel foods, but also while regulatory bodies require more and more evidence on efficacy, mode-of-action and safety. The conference goal is to provide a scientific forum for all stakeholders of nutraceuticals, functional foods and enable interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge. The conference will focus on the evidence-based benefits of nutraceuticals and functional foods. At Food and Function 2011, leading scientists will present and discuss current advances in the research of nutraceuticals and functional foods. New scientific evidences that support or question the efficacy of already existing or prospective substances and applications will be conferred. In addition novel compounds, controversial but scientifically solid ideas, approaches and visions will be presented as well. Food and Function 2011 is a networking event. A unique opportunity to meet all the stakeholders of nutraceuticals and funtional foods. Meet those who influenced the past, influence the present and most importantly will enable the future of nutraceuticals and functional foods by means of basic research, clinical trials or regulatory efforts. Initiation of cross-border cooperations between scientists and institutions will be also facilitated during the conference. Researchers and expert scientists from research institutes and industry will present their recent findings and visions about the research, development, production, application and use of nutraceuticals and functional foods within the following subject areas:

- Gastrointestinal System
- Cardiovascular System
- Musculoskeletal System
- Urogenital System
- Dermatology
- Immune System
- Allergy
- Nervous System
- Cognitive System
- Weight Control, Obesity
- Aging
- Nutrigenomics
- Mechanisms of Action
- Clinical Trials and Claim Substantiation
- Novel approaches - Products and Benefits
- Novel food and related issues
- Adverse Effects, Safety
- Regulatory Issues and Barriers
- Future of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods - Products and Benefits


20–21 October 2011 Targeting Mitochondria 2011

Berlin, Germany

After the success of the first edition held in November 2010, the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH) decided to organize the 2ndWorld Congress on Targeting Mitochondria which will be held in Berlin in October 20-21, 2011. Mitochondrial dysfunctions are associated with much pathology such as cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, migraine, infertility, kidney diseases, liver diseases, toxicity of HIV drugs, aging…

It is becoming a necessity and an urge to know why and how to target mitochondria with bioactive molecules, drugs or nutrients in order to treat and prevent pathologies and chronic diseases.During Targeting Mitochondria 2011, we will draw the attention to many contradictions and provide answers and perspectives of mitochondrial use as a target. The aim is also to highlight its applications and potential strategies in the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases and pathologies.


22–24 June 2011 2nd International Conference on Food-Omics

Cesena, Italy

The scientific forum where academic and industrial scientists involved in food and nutrition research will discuss about the most recent advances in the “omics” approach.


- OMICS SCIENCES FOR FOOD: Food Quality and Biodiversity
- FOOD FOR OPTIMAL NUTRITION: Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics
- FOOD FOR WELLNESS: Ageing and Disease Prevention
- INDUSTRIAL FOOD IMPROVEMENT: Processing and Biotechnology



14–16 June 2011 International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Probiotics

Kosice, Slovakia

The International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics - IPC2011 will be held during 14th - 16th June 2011, in the university city of Kosice, Slovakia. IPC2011 is the oncoming event of the successful conference series focusing on probiotics in 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2010. The scientific programme will focus on current advances in the research, production and use of probiotics and prebiotics with particular focus on their role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. The conference's goal is to provide a scientific forum for all stakeholders of probiotics and prebiotics and enable the interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge. The conference will focus on evidence-based benefits proven in clinical trials and scientific experiments. At IPC2011 leading scientists will present and discuss current advances in the research of probiotics and prebiotics. New scientific evidences that support or question the efficacy of already existing or prospective substances and applications will be conferred. In addition novel strains, controversial but scientifically solid ideas, approaches and visions will be presented as well.


13 June 2011 Gastro-Intestinal Models for the Study of Probiotics and Prebiotics – Scientific Symposium

Doubletree by Hilton, Kosice, Slovakia

The programme of the symposium will focus on the use of GIT models - artificial gut, animal, cell models - in the research of probiotics and prebiotics.
Highlight themes will be the use of models for screening of probiotics and prebiotics and the enhancement of the predictive value of currently used or novel gastro-intestinal models. Current advances and new achievements will be presented and discussed by internationally renowned experts from industry and academia.


18–20 November 2010 The 4th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISNN)

Pamplona, Spain

The Congress is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest research and translational developments in Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. This rapidly moving field in personalized nutrition overlaps with all aspects of health and/or disease, including normal growth/development/maintenance, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. It is also focused on fundamental interrelationships between food components and key cellular processes including inflammation, hormonal regulation, and cell division/differentiation. Indeed, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and epigenomics issues represent the future for both primary and secondary disease prevention and treatment.


6–9 November 2010 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

Boston, MA, USA

The latest nutrition science information, foodservice trends and access to the top experts will be found at ADA's Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo to be held in Boston, November 6 to 9, 2010. Educational sessions will cover the hottest topics including obesity, alternative medicine, culinary trends, life-cycle nutrition and medical nutrition therapy.

Don’t miss your chance to:

  • Earn CPEs the fun and exciting way by participating in open space discussion sessions, new, last minute hot topic sessions, culinary boutique rooms, healthcare informatics and more.
  • Walk the Expo floor and gain a first-hand look at over 400 companies featuring new, innovative products and services for your clients and businesses.
  • Network with colleagues in your specific field by attending functions such as the Dietetic Practice Group Showcase and Product Marketplace.


28 October 2010 2nd World Congress on Malta Immunity Ingredients

Radisson SAS Hotel, Saint Julian, Malta

The aims of Malta Immunity Ingredients 2010 are to bring together scientific and industrials from the food and cosmeceutical sector to discuss the latest advances on immunity and health and how to boost the immune health system. Inside this topic it will be highlighted the relationship between immunity and oxidative stress and the potential applications of bioactives to prevent or treat chronic diseases and several pathologies related to the immune system.

During Malta Immunity Ingredients 2010 we will emphasize on the innovations in probiotics, prebiotics and antioxidants applications (new fibers, bacterial strains…). A special communication will be dedicated to immune system of babies, seniors, obeses and diabetics by these immunity modulators.

During the congress, we will allocate a special time to discuss the latest regulations of the EFSA concerning the health immunity claims. Our objective is to supply answers to the manufacturers of bioactive ingredients and to the companies whose strategies are oriented toward the health care sector. The main idea is give explicit clues to increase the legitimacy of the industrials facing the consumers and the regulatory institutions.


25–26 October 2010 Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods

Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

SMi’s 11th annual *Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods* conference
provides an unmissable opportunity to learn from and network with the
key personnel from the world of nutraceuticals and functional foods. An
unmissable opportunity to learn from and network with the key personnel
from the world of nutraceuticals and functional foods; Nestle, Unilever,
GSK, MHRA and many more.

*Key areas that will be covered:*

· Global perspectives and the evolution of functional foods

· Marketing opportunities and challenges for functional foods

· Current regulatory status of nutrition and health claims

· Overcoming claims, labelling and policy issues

· Enhancing human nutrition through Nanotechnology & Probiotics

· The development of functional beverages


4–7 September 2010 10th INDC - International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

Prague, Czech Republic

The INDC 2010 continues former VITAMINS, NUTRITION AND DIAGNOSTICS Conferences. It aims to bridge the gaps between: nutrition and clinical diagnostics, fundamental science and industry, analytical chemistry and medicine.

The scientific programme of INDC 2010 will focus on nutrition in regard to health beneficiary and risks of chemical compounds in food. We are what we eat. We are healthy, ill or suffer from obesity because we eat too much healthy or unhealthy food? What to eat or not eat? To drink or not to drink? That´s a question for medical doctors, food producers and analytical chemists. The scientific programme includes oral presentations and poster sessions addressed to medicine, nutrition and bioanalytical chemistry.


28–30 July 2010 International Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences 2010

Stockholm, Sweden

The International Conference on Nutrition and Food Sciences is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Nutrition and Food Sciences. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Clinical nutrition

Appetite disorders; Cardiovascular diseases; Cardiovascular diseases; Deficiency disorders; Infectious diseases; Malnutrition; Metabolic disorders; Neoplasms; Nutritional support; Obesity

Food science

Food analysis; Food chemistry; Food composition; Food legislation; Food preservation; Food processing; Food quality; Food research; Food safety; Food service

Food technology

Fermentation and enzyme technology; Flavour technology; Food distribution; Food engineering; Food marketing; Food materials science; Food microbiology; Food packaging; HACCP; Quality assurance

Nutrition physiology

Antioxidants and phytochemicals; Appetite control; Body composition; Body fluids; Digestion and absorption; Energy metabolism; Ethanol and other organic compounds; Nutrient drug interactions; Nutrient metabolism; Nutritional immunology

Nutritional techniques and methodologies

Antioxidants and phytochemicals; Carbohydrates; Clinical and physiological techniques; Contaminants; Lipids; Macronutrients; Micronutrients; Minerals and trace elements; Protein, amino acids and nitrogenous compounds; Proximate composition

Public health nutrition

Aging; Diet studies; Growth and development; Infant feeding; Nutrition education; Nutrition policy; Nutritional state; Reproduction and lactation; Socioeconomic status; Sports nutrition


18 June 2010 Regulatory Framework Workshop on Health Claims Approvel of Probiotics in the European Union

Doubletree by Hilton, Kosice, Slovakia

Under the current European regulation of health claims permitted to use for the promotion of food, probiotics are subjects to considerable impediments when facing the requirements of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Until the end of 2009 no probiotic health claims under the new EU regulation has yet received a positive opinion from the scientific assessors of EFSA. All probiotic claims referring to reduction of disease risk and to children’s development and health (Article 14) and health claims other than those referring to the reduction of disease risk and to children\'s development and health (Article 13) has been rejected by EFSA. It is the purpose of the workshop to explore the reasons for claim rejections by analysing the current situation, the reasons for failures of health claim substantiation and to present possible pathways to overcome obvious and overseen barriers.


15–17 June 2010 International Probiotic Conference 2010 (IPC 2010)

Kosice, Slovakia

The conference programme will focus on current advances in the science and research of probiotics, prebiotics and their present and future role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. IPC 2010 aims to highlight evidence-based benefits as proven in clinical trials and scientific experiments.

Further to the health effect of probiotics and prebiotics new developments in their selection, identification, production, application and delivery will be discussed. Topical subjects as safety, regulatory issues and claim substantiation will be also addressed by internationally renowned experts from industry and academia.

It is the goal of IPC 2010 to further explore the potential of already used and novel probiotics by disseminating latest results and new ways of probiotic research. In addition novel strains, controversial but scientifically solid ideas, approaches, visions will be presented, and worldwide co-operation between scientists and institutions facilitated.

Keywords: Probiotics, Prebiotics, Health Claims, Gastroenterology, Intestinal Microbiota


10–12 May 2010 7th Annual Nutrition & Health Conference

Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta, GA, USA

Conference Objectives

Our goal is to provide health practitioners with an understanding of the central role of nutrition in health and healing. To provide a scientific basis for the integration of nutrition and medicine in order to practice preventive and therapeutic nutritional medicine.

Why you should attend

Your patients increasingly call on your advice for diet and nutrition to promote good health and treat specific conditions. Proper diet is a fundamental building block to good health, yet many practitioners lack the basic expertise in nutrition to recommend dietary strategies to their patients.

To meet this growing need, this conference will provide you with essential information on:

  • Practical strategies for incorporating nutrition into your clinical practice
  • Using diet to prevent illness
  • Nutritional recommendations for management of specific conditions
  • Tools to evaluate the latest nutrition research findings
  • Social and political aspects of diet and health

The conference provides an overview and practical summary of the latest information on nutrition and health presented by leaders in scientific research, clinicians skilled in nutritional medicine, experts on food and agricultural policy, and innovative chefs.


4–9 October 2009 19th International Congress of Nutrition

Bangkok, Thailand

The main theme of ICN 2009 is “Nutrition Security for All”. In a world that has both the knowledge and the resources to combat hunger, the 19th International Congress of Nutrition will provide innovative solutions to the present and future challenges of securing the need for safe and adequate food supply, delivery of basic nutrition and health services, thereby improving the quality of life of peoples and communities around the world.


9–11 June 2009 Food And Function 2009

Zilina, Slovakia

Food and Function 2009, the International Scientific Conference on Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods will be held between 9th - 11th June 2009 in the university city of Zilina, Slovakia. The conference programme will focus on current advances in the research of nutraceuticals and functional foods and their present and future role in maintaining health and preventing diseases.


28–29 May 2009 Food-Omics 2009

Cesena, Italy

The Campus of Food Sciences has the pleasure to invite you at theInternational Conference on Food-Omics. Several multidisciplinary fields in food and nutritional sciences will be covered, including genomics, proteomics and metabonomics, before and after the food meets humans.


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