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A section of Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049).

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This section of Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049) will provide an open platform for research into all aspects of photochemistry. The subject stands as the principal artery into the heart of interactions of UV, visible, and IR radiation with molecules and materials. Photochemistry has important associations across a wide spectrum of science including physics, organic and inorganic chemistry, materials science, biology and medicine. Photochemical transformations of molecules may be constructive or degradative and are often quite distinct from conventional thermal ones. Absorption of matching radiation can enable large activation barriers to be readily surmounted and thermally disfavoured products to be accessed. The Sun delivers a huge gift of green energy every day to planet Earth’s surface. About 50% of this is in the UV and visible wavelength range. Photochemistry is therefore in the forefront of the huge environmental challenges of sustainability, energy harnessing and energy conversion. This Photochemistry section of Molecules will showcase the latest advances, developments and applications in all these important spheres.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Ÿ  organic photochemistry
  • Ÿ  synthetic photochemistry
  • Ÿ  photocatalysis
  • Ÿ  photofunctionalization
  • Ÿ  photobiology
  • Ÿ  medicinal photochemistry
  • Ÿ  computational photochemistry
  • Ÿ  photoelectrochemistry
  • Ÿ  solar energy conversion
  • Ÿ  condensed and gas phase photochemistry
  • Ÿ  polymer photochemistry
  • Ÿ  supramolecular photochemistry
  • Ÿ  photochromism
  • Ÿ  luminescent sensors
  • Ÿ  photochemistry for environmental remediation
  • Ÿ  atmospheric photochemistry
  • Ÿ  interstellar photochemistry
  • Ÿ  photochemistry on ices
  • Ÿ  prebiotic photochemisty
  • Ÿ  laser photochemistry
  • Ÿ  synchrotron radiation chemistry
  • Ÿ  processes and techniques in photochemistry
    • light induced energy, electron and proton transfer
    • photoelectron spectroscopy
    • nonlinear photochemical behavior
    • mechanistic investigation of photochemical reactions
    • steady-state and time-resolved emission
    • flow photochemistry
    • ultrafast spectroscopic methods, single molecule spectroscopy, time resolved X-ray diffraction, luminescence microscopy, and scattering spectroscopy applied to photochemistry

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