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25–27 May 2022 Polymers 2022 -New Trends in Polymer Science: Health of the Planet, Health of the People

Turin, Italy

We are very proud and honored to announce the international conference Polymers 2022 - New Trends in Polymers Science: Health of the Planet, Health of the People, organized in collaboration with the MDPI open access journal Polymers. The conference will be held in Turin, Italy, on May 25–27, 2022.

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together scientists from academia and industry to present leading-edge research on the advancements in polymer science and technology in all its main aspects, with a particular emphasis on those aiming to preserve and improve the health of the planet and of people, as per title. Both oral and poster contributions are welcome. The broad themes that will be addressed during the conference include synthesis, modification, and characterization of synthetic and natural polymers, polymers from green chemistry, polymer hybrids, nanocomposites, polymer biomaterials, polymers in drug delivery and tissue engineering, polymers for human health, bio-based and biodegradable polymers, polymer recycling and re-use, polymers for the environment, functional polymers, and polymers in energy, among others.

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9–11 July 2021 The 13th Int'l Material Analysis, Laboratory Equipment & Quality Control Expo (CMC 2021)

Xiamen, China

Having an insight into the global market, gathering industry information, leading the new direction of material research in China.

Ciamate International Expo on Material Analysis, Laboratory Equipment and Quality Control has been held since 2008, together with C-MRS China Material Congress. From more than 20 exhibitors to 220+ exhibitors in 2019, it has become the largest exhibition of materials science and technology in China, and also an annual procurement platform for registered representatives of C-MRS conferences.

The number of exhibitors in Ciamite 2021 is expected to exceed 350, with an exhibition area of more than 15,000 square meters.

Meet us at our booth T17!

24–28 July 2021 13th European Biophysics Conference

Vienna, Austria

Approximate 1000 delegates from all around the world will participate in the event. 

Austria has a long-standing tradition in biophysics: in 2021, the Austrian Biophysical Society will celebrate its 60th birthday. Founded in 1961, Biophysics Austria is among the oldest biophysical societies in Europe and hosted the first European meeting in Biophysics in Baden by Vienna in 1971. The 2021 congress will be held under the umbrella and with the support of the European Biophysical Societies Association (EBSA). 

EBSA 2021 designed an outstanding scientific program covering most biophysical research directions, including single-molecule biophysics, high resolution optical and force microscopy, ion channels and transporters, lipids and membranes, structural biology, theoretical biophysics, cell mechanics, and many other subjects. 

Journal “Membranes” will cooperate with EBSA on Session 18: Membrane architecture & asymmetry (Chairs: Georg Pabst, Univ of Graz; John Seddon, Imperial College London) Meet us there!

14–17 September 2021 The 14th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering

Barcelona, Spain

Virtual Event
16–20 November 2020

The Congress will be focused on the dissemination of the most recent advances and results related to the Chemical Engineering Science:
  • Separation Technologies,
  • Chemical Reactors,
  • Processes Systems Engineering

As well as their application in areas like:

  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Engineering
  • Food and Biochemical Engineering
  • Process and Product Engineering

Do not miss this opportunity to:

  • Improve the visibility and Disseminate the potential applications of your work
  • Find new opportunities and application fields.
  • Promote Scientific/Industrial Symbiosis

Keep up with the latest news at the 14th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering and Expoquimia.

For more detailed information about the event, please visit

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