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Dentistry has a solid scientific and technological background, with many innovations in techniques and technology having been achieved in the 20th century. Interestingly, the 21st century has also seen various developments related to dentistry, though these have been closely related to medicine.

Research in the field of dentistry has benefitted immensely from recent biotechnological and biomedical advances. As biomedical techniques evolve, biomedical knowledge on several aspects of diagnosis and treatments also grows rapidly and contributes to the improvement of human health. Cell-to-cell interaction, microbiome, genetic, and environmental factors have been demonstrated to play a role in several complex diseases, including dental pathologies, and understanding these conditions at the cellular or subcellular levels is mandatory for a modern approach to dental sciences. Salivary tests have also recently been developed to measure genetic susceptibility to periodontal diseases, and this has allowed us to heal periodontal tissue using customized therapies. Nevertheless, dental tissue engineering has linked dental stem cells and biomimetic scaffold technologies to the development of the modern concept of regenerative dentistry, which is now able to treat dental issues, such as shallow dentin defects, bone substitutes, remineralization of the tooth surface, and biofilm destruction.

The Section “Dentistry” of the journal Medicina is aimed at the dissemination of top-quality science in the field of oral health, oral pathology, oral regeneration, oral rehabilitation, and translational medicine. Contributions on these and related topics are welcomed, including original research articles and full or mini-reviews, commentaries, breakthrough articles, brief communications, and invited editorials. We also very much welcome papers from postdocs, PhD students, and young researchers.


  • dentistry
  • mesenchymal stem cells
  • regenerative medicine
  • regenerative dentistry
  • biomimetic materials
  • dental stem cells
  • tissue engineering
  • genetics in dentistry
  • oral inflammation
  • pulp pathologies
  • implantology
  • oral health
  • oral pathology

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