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This section focuses on novel and cutting-edge scientific research dealing with application that leverage information technologies. The current overload of information, largely owing to the emergence of online data sources, requires novel techniques and applications to deal with information efficiently and effectively. Automation or semi-automation of, and assisting humans with, access to information is paramount today, which is evident in the increase of interest among the scientific community in further researching information technologies. The increased usage of social media and the production of online information has also given rise to a number of issues relating to the privacy and ethics of accessing this information, which demands new research to tackle the issues effectively. Papers submitted to this section need to have a clear applied research contribution. Research papers in this section need not have been applied in a real world setting, but do need to clearly state their potential application. Papers presenting an application without a novel scientific contribution will not be considered. Papers conducting either quantitative or qualitative evaluations are both welcome. The scope of the work considered in this section is broad, and interdisciplinary research bridging the gap between computer science and other disciplines are also welcome.

Specific fields covered by this section include but are not limited to natural language processing, social media and web mining, computational social science, computational sociolinguistics, social computing, computer-supported cooperative work, cognitive science, information science, information systems, human–computer interactions, information retrieval, recommender systems, business management, data mining, and knowledge

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