Genetics and Molecular Biology

A section of Forests (ISSN 1999-4907).

Section Information

The Section “Genetics and Molecular Biology” publishes original research and full-length review articles describing research on all aspects of genetics and molecular biology in forest trees. Examples of areas included in the Section “Genetics and Molecular Biology” include but are not limited to: 

  • Molecular approaches to facilitate tree breeding, including but not limited to association studies and genomic prediction;
  • Genomics of forest trees, including genome or transcriptome sequencing and comparative and functional genomics;
  • Analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein sequences and their relationship to phenotypes;
  • Genetics of forest tree populations;
  • Quantitative genetics of forest trees;
  • Gene regulation and genomic regulatory analysis;
  • Transgenic technologies and improvement of forest trees through genetic engineering or gene editing;
  • Organization, evolution of genes and genomes, and evolutionary genetics.

Proposals for Special Issues are also welcome.


forest trees; tree improvement; association genetics; genomic prediction; transgenic; genome; genomics; transcriptome; gene regulation; population; evolution; adaptation

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