Best Paper Award

The Fermentation Best Paper Award is granted annually to highlight publications of high quality, scientific significance, and extensive influence. The evaluation committee members choose two articles of exceptional quality that were published in the journal the previous year and announce them online by the end of June.

The Prize:
– One research article and one review will be selected.
– Each winner will receive CHF 500, a certificate, and a free voucher for article processing fees valid for one year.

Fermentation Best Paper Award
Winner announcement: 30 June 2025

Eligibility and Requirements

– All papers published in Fermentation will be eligible (both regular and Special Issue submissions).
Past Winners


11 pages, 912 KiB  
Single Cell Protein Production through Multi Food-Waste Substrate Fermentation
by Alessia Tropea, Antonio Ferracane, Ambrogina Albergamo, Angela Giorgia Potortì, Vincenzo Lo Turco and Giuseppa Di Bella
Fermentation 2022, 8(3), 91; - 23 Feb 2022
43 pages, 1436 KiB  
Effect of Lactic Acid Fermentation on Legume Protein Properties, a Review
by Mehrsa Emkani, Bonastre Oliete and Rémi Saurel
Fermentation 2022, 8(6), 244; - 24 May 2022

Award Committee

Dr. Badal C. Saha Chairman
Dr. Konstantinos Kalogiannis
University of Western Macedonia, Department of Chemical Engineering
Dr. Liang Yu
Washington State University


33 pages, 1346 KiB  
Oleaginous Yeasts as Cell Factories for the Sustainable Production of Microbial Lipids by the Valorization of Agri-Food Wastes
by Antonio Caporusso, Angela Capece and Isabella De Bari
Fermentation 2021, 7(2), 50; - 3 Apr 2021
16 pages, 2969 KiB  
Optimization of Yeast, Sugar and Nutrient Concentrations for High Ethanol Production Rate Using Industrial Sugar Beet Molasses and Response Surface Methodology
by Jean-Baptiste Beigbeder, Julia Maria de Medeiros Dantas and Jean-Michel Lavoie
Fermentation 2021, 7(2), 86; - 31 May 2021
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