24–27 February 2020, Nassau, Bahamas
2nd Nuclear Receptors Conference

Chaired by Karen Knudson (Thomas Jefferson University), Charlotte Bevan (Imperial College London) and Wayne Tilley (University of Adelaide)

This unique meeting will bring together many of the leading figures in nuclear receptor research from across the globe, to discuss emerging roles and their implications for health and disease – and both human and drug development – in an intimate meeting that will generate meaningful idea exchange and interaction that will help to further shape this influential field.

Key Sessions

  • Further emerging roles for nuclear receptors in cancer
  • Structural insights into nuclear receptor function and crosstalk
  • Nuclear receptors’ role in epigenetic regulation and non coding RNA
  • Nuclear receptors and DNA damage
  • Nuclear receptors and cell cycle
  • Nuclear receptors in metabolism/metabolic disease
  • Nuclear receptors in the CNS

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