Biomacromolecules: Lipids

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The section "Biomacromolecules: Lipids" covers all aspects of lipids, including research on the function, role, and homeostasis of structural and bioactive lipids—both dietary and endogenously synthesized.

Manuscripts should significantly advance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying biological processes in which lipids and derived-molecules are involved using biochemical, biophysical, cell and molecular biological, genetic, or physiological approaches. Papers detailing novel methodologies should also include biochemical, molecular, or functional insights into the area of lipids. We aim to publish review and original research articles on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Lipid biochemistry;
  • Lipid biophysics;
  • Lipid biosynthesis;
  • Lipid biotechnology;
  • Lipidomics;
  • Lipid pharmacology;
  • Lipid physiology;
  • Lipid-protein interactions;
  • Lipid toxicology;
  • Lipid and diseases;
  • Nutrition;
  • New lipid compounds;
  • Lipid signaling and pathways;
  • Lipids in ecological studies.


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