17–20 August 2020, 20th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

IUFoST 2020, the 20th World Congress of Food Science and Technology will be a phenomenal international event with a high-quality programme of talented and expert speakers plus unforgettable social events showcasing the best New Zealand has to offer: food, wine, spaces, technology and entertainment.

The New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (NZIFST), as host, will run a broad, international technical/scientific programme, showcasing innovation that leads to a safe, sustainable and secure food supply in years to come, highlighting work that leads towards fulfilling these needs.

New Zealand is home to world renowned experts, driving innovation in key industries; not least our food industry, which generates over 50% of our GDP. Our researchers are engaged in numerous research collaborations with peers in Europe, the USA and Asia.

New Zealand has a world reputation for genuine friendliness . The scientific and social programmes will showcase Kiwi expertise and hospitality. Outside the plenary and concurrent sessions, we will take advantage of our beautiful scenery and venues set alongside Auckland’s magnificent harbour to give delegates a taste of New Zealand.

More than any other country in the world, New Zealand depends on producing, processing, manufacturing and exporting safe and wholesome food. IUFoST delegates from around the globe will have a first-hand view of how Kiwis achieve and share their own achievements in this critical field.

For more information visit the IUFoST2020 website

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