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International Society for Porous Media (InterPore)

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The International Society for Porous Media (InterPore) is a non-profit-making independent scientific organization that was established in 2008. It aims to advance and disseminate knowledge for the understanding, description, and modeling of natural and industrial porous media systems. For information at a glance, please download the InterPore brochure from 2021.

Porous media are encountered in many natural and industrial systems, such as soils, aquifers, oil and gas reservoirs, biological tissues and plants, as well as in fuel cells, concrete, textiles, polymer composites, and in tissue drug delivery, to name but a few.

InterPore’s mission is to act as an international platform for researchers who are actively involved in studying, developing and/or manufacturing complex porous media. InterPore provides a venue and a forum where investigators and technicians from disparate fields, working with porous media, can be brought together to display their commonality of problems, investigatory techniques and solution strategies.

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