Medical Informatics and Healthcare Engineering

A section of Applied System Innovation (ISSN 2571-5577).

Section Information

“Medical Informatics and Healthcare Engineering” deals with medical information, medical devices, and methods utilized to improve patient care and community health through engineering approaches. Medical informatics applies information technology to achieve better physical and mental health through the knowledge of information science, computer science, clinical science, public health science, management of patient and population data, and consumer health informatics. On the other hand, healthcare engineering focuses on improving human health and wellbeing through engineering approaches, covering all aspects of technologies involved in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of illness. In this Section, we welcome papers with advanced knowledge, emerging technologies, and innovative ideas that are relevant to all topics of medical informatics and healthcare engineering.

Suggested topics for the “Medical Informatics and Healthcare Engineering” Section are listed as follows:

  • Healthcare management and technology
  • Medical decision making
  • Healthcare information and systems
  • Safety and security in healthcare
  • Natural language processing in healthcare
  • Medical information system
  • Patient data management methods and systems
  • Patient care systems
  • E-learning in healthcare
  • Data mining of medical informatics
  • Monitoring and diagnosis biomedical instruments
  • Biomedical engineering devices
  • Healthcare information technology
  • Distance healthcare
  • Healthcare facilities and environments
  • Public healthcare
  • Elderly care systems

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Special Issues

Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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