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Taiwanese Institute of Knowledge Innovation (TIKI)

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About TIKI

In 2010, Taiwanese Institute of Knowledge Innovation (TIKI) was founded by a group of enthusiastic and respected TIKI members who had observed the need to create a platform to unite and communicate with international academics and industries.

Since then, TIKI has organized many activities and gathering for the members. TIKI focuses on promoting professional engineering, technology, and design innovation, and improving related academic research.

TIKI has also been active in the ICT community and has participated in many ICT Events in the past years. It has maintained a very close and mutually respected relationship with other ICT professional bodies within Taiwan and China.

Currently, there are about 300 TIKI members.

Aims & Scope

  • To provide the most updated services to its members with knowledge innovation in Taiwan and all over the world.
  • To upgrade the quality of current knowledge innovation and take care of society's needs.
  • To promote research in knowledge innovation.
  • To organize irregular academic meetings, conferences, exhibitions & other events or activities.
  • To encourage cooperation among engineers and technologists and members of other professions concerned with engineering and technology.
  • To foster the engineering and technology development and to maintain the scientific stature with the international organizations for knowledge innovation.

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