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Ancient Mediterranean Painting (vol. 1)
(Editors: Annette Giesecke, Mark Stansbury O’Donnell)
Visual Arts 20 Feb 2019
Ancient Mediterranean Painting (vol. 2)
(Editors: Regina Gee, Vanessa Rousseau)
Visual Arts 20 Feb 2019
Photojournalism as Art
(Editor: Julianne H. Newton)
Visual Arts 1 Jun 2019
Reconsidering the State(s) of Criticism
(Editor: Stephen Moonie)
Visual Arts 15 Mar 2019
Street Photography Reframed
(Editor: Stephanie Schwartz)
Visual Arts 25 Jan 2019
Transatlantic Gardens and Enlightenment Ideas in American Art
(Editors: Stephen Bending, Jennifer Milam)
Visual Arts 1 Dec 2018
Film Music and Self-Reflexivity
(Editor: Florian Kraemer)
Music and Performance 31 May 2019
Hip-Hop, Art, and Visual Culture: Connections, Influences, and Critical Discussions
(Editors: Jeff Broome, Lisa Munson)
Music and Performance 30 Sep 2018
Ancient Mediterranean Architecture
(Editors: Martin Tombrägel, Jan Breder)
Applied Arts 22 Feb 2019
Andalusi Architecture: Shapes, Meaning and Influences
(Editor: Alicia Carrillo)
Applied Arts 15 Jun 2018 5
Architecture Is a Luxury
(Editor: Annette Condello)
Applied Arts 22 Jun 2018
Contemporary Architecture from the 20th Century to the Present
(Editor: Marco Sosa)
Applied Arts 31 Jul 2017 5
Contemporary Glass Art: Materiality and Digital Technologies
(Editor: Jessamy Kelly)
Applied Arts 30 Nov 2018
Sustainable Architecture
(Editor: Volker M. Welter)
Applied Arts 30 Jun 2014 6
Technological Progress as a Basis for Modern Architecture
(Editor: Atli Magnus Seelow)
Applied Arts 30 Aug 2018
Textiles in Contemporary Art and Fashion: Designing between Technologies and Aesthetics
(Editor: Giovanni Maria Conti)
Applied Arts 20 Oct 2018
Cyberpunk in a Transnational Context
(Editor: Takayuki Tatsumi)
Popular Arts 15 May 2018 6
Developments in Japanese Documentary Film
(Editors: Marcos Centeno, Michael Raine)
Popular Arts 5 Jan 2019
Gaming and the Arts of Storytelling
(Editor: Darshana Jayemanne)
Popular Arts 30 Jun 2018 7
Japanese Media Cultures in Japan and Abroad: Transnational Consumption of Manga, Anime, and Video Games
(Editor: Manuel Hernández-Pérez)
Popular Arts 30 Apr 2018 6
Japanese Transnational Cinema
(Editors: Marcos Centeno, Nori Morita)
Popular Arts 1 Sep 2018 1
Memory, Affect, and Cinema
(Editor: Russell J. A. Kilbourn)
Popular Arts 28 Sep 2018
Art Curation: Challenges in the Digital Age
(Editor: Francesca Franco)
Arts and Technology 1 Mar 2019
Art, Science and Technology of Human Sexuality
(Editors: Beibei Song, Robert Sapolsky, Clara Boj, Diego Diaz)
Arts and Technology 15 Oct 2018 3
Born Digital Cultural Histories
(Editor: Melanie Swalwell)
Arts and Technology 30 Oct 2018
Computational Aesthetics
(Editor: Seyed Ali Amirshahi)
Arts and Technology 1 Aug 2018
Holography—A Critical Debate within Contemporary Visual Culture
(Editor: Andrew Pepper)
Arts and Technology 16 Nov 2018
The Machine as Art (in the 20th Century)
(Editors: Juliette Bessette, G. W. Smith)
Arts and Technology 30 Oct 2018 3
The Machine as Artist (for the 21st Century)
(Editors: Frederic Fol Leymarie, G. W. Smith)
Arts and Technology 31 Dec 2018 7
Advances in Art Crime Research (2018)
(Editors: Blythe Alison Bowman Balestrieri, Tess Davis, Esq.)
31 Mar 2018 7
Art Markets and Digital Histories
(Editors: Claartje Rasterhoff, Sandra van Ginhoven)
1 Dec 2018
Arts and Refugees: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
(Editor: Marco Martiniello)
15 Oct 2018
Australian Indigenous Art and Cultural Tourism
(Editor: Sally Butler)
25 Mar 2019
Business, Innovation and Art
(Editors: Beibei Song, Piero Formica, Claus Springborg)
15 Jul 2018
Changing Pedagogies in the Art College: Learning and Teaching Art and Design in Higher Education
(Editors: Claire Robins, Annie Davey)
15 Sep 2018
New Media Art and the South African Social
(Editor: Kurt Campbell)
16 Nov 2018
Selected Papers from Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019
(Editors: Teen-Hang Meen, Charles Tijus, Chung-Ho Su)
31 Mar 2019 1
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