Agronomy 2019 Outstanding Reviewer Awards

Winner announcement date (expired): 11 March 2020
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Dear Colleagues,

The Agronomy Editorial Board and Editorial Team would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the time and energy dedicated by our reviewers to assessing the manuscripts submitted to the journal in 2019. With their support, we have been able to publish many interesting, high-quality papers in Agronomy, and a quick peer-review process has been maintained consistently.

Two reviewers have been selected on the basis of the timeliness, quality, and speed of their review reports. Each of them will receive a chance to publish one paper in Agronomy free of charge before 31 December, 2020, 500 Swiss Francs, and a certificate:

Dr. Agnieszka Synowiec
Department of Agroecology and Crop Production, University of Agriculture in Kraków, 31-120 Kraków, Poland

Dr. Thorsten Kraska
Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation & Field Lab Campus Klein-Altendorf, University of Bonn, 53359 Rheinbach, Germany

If you are interested in reviewing articles for Agronomy, please register your contact details, including your ORCID identifier, institutional affiliation, a short CV, and 5–6 keywords in line with your expertise at the following link: The managing editors will send you a notification once approved.

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