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The World Electric Vehicle Journal is the first peer-reviewed international scientific journal that covers all studies related to battery, hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles comprehensively.

Responding to demands from academia, the journal is intended to complement the International Battery Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium, which is the largest international symposium of its kind and is coordinated by the World Electric Vehicle Journal, which is the primary scientific journal serving the interests of the international electric vehicle community.


The main topics of the journal include but are not limited to:

  1. Vehicle & Transportation Systems

    A-1 Electric Vehicles
    A-2 Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
    A-3 Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    A-4 Fuel Cell Vehicles
    A-5 Heavy Duty Vehicles & Buses
    A-6 Light Vehicles & Personal Mobility
    A-7 Two- & Three-Wheelers
    A-8 Welfare & Senior Vehicles
    A-9 Off-Road & Industrial Vehicles
    A-10 Railway Vehicles
    A-11 Electric Ships & Airplanes

  2. Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

    B-1 AI
    B-2 Intelligent xEV
    B-3 Autonomous xEV
    B-4 V2V, V2I (Infrastructure), and V2P (Persons) Communication

  3. Infrastructure

    C-1 V2H & V2G Power Transmission
    C-2 Energy Supply & Infrastructure
    C-3 Hydrogen & Sustainable Energy
    C-4 Intelligent Transportation System for EVs
    C-5 Environmental Impact
    C-6 Recycle & Life Cycle Analysis

  4. Marketing & Promotion

    D-1 International Networking
    D-2 Public Policy & Promotion
    D-3 Standardization

  5. Energy Supply & Storage Systems

    E-1 Batteries
    E-2 Battery Management System
    E-3 Super Capacitors
    E-4 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
    E-5 Flywheels
    E-6 Fuel Cell Systems
    E-7 Idling Reduction System
    E-8 AC&DC Charging System
    E-9 Electromagnetic Compatibility

  6. Propulsion Systems & Components

    F-1 Drive & Propulsion Systems
    F-2 Electric Motor Drive
    F-3 Electric Machine
    F-4 Auxiliary Components & Sensors
    F-5 Vehicle Motion & Stability Control
    F-6 Components for Transportation System
    F-7 Superconductivity Energy Transfer

  7. Power Electronics Components

    G-1 Power Electronics Subsystems
    G-2 Power Semiconductor Devices & Highly Integrated Modules
    G-3 Wide Band Gap Devices & Related Issues
    G-4 Packaging, Cooling, & Heat Transfer
    G-5 Magnetics, Capacitors, Bus Bar, & 3D Integrations
    G-6 Sensors for Motors & Converters
    G-7 Harnesses, Connectors, & Protection/Distribution Devices

  8. Wireless Power Transfer

    H-1 Stationary Wireless Power Transfer
    H-2 Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer
    H-3 Wireless High Power Transfer
    H-4 Electromagnetic Compatibility
    H-5 Health and Safety Considerations
    H-6 AGV and Other Applications
    H-7 Beam-type Wireless Power Transfer

  9. Other Related Topics

    I-1 Modelling & Simulation
    I-2 Measuring Methods & Equipment


Editorial Office

Ms. Lynn Huang
Managing Editor

For further MDPI contacts, see here.

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