25–26 June 2020, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
RIVER BASINS 2020 conference: Solids in River Basins—Solids and Particle-Bound Pollutants, with a focus on Modeling, Monitoring, and Management

RIVER BASINS is a conference which provides a platform for the exchange of the recent progress and research in the field of river basin management. This includes the quantification of water and mass fluxes, the investigation of processes in river systems and ecological research, as well as the implementation of promising management strategies.

Suspended solids play a crucial role in riverine ecosystems acting, for example, as a transport medium for a various organic and inorganic pollutants. Relevant inputs of suspended solids are caused by erosion processes and urban drainage. The quality of solids introduced range from natural soils to microplastics. Hence, even in 2020, solids in river basins is a wide, exciting, and challenging research topic with regard to monitoring, impact on ecosystem functions, modeling and, last but not least, proper management strategies.

Originally promoted and hosted by KIT Karlsruhe, this edition of RIVER BASINS 2020 will be hosted by Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)—a beautiful venue with a great view of the Danube.

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