10th Anniversary Best Paper Award

Symmetry was founded in 2009, and entered its first decade of publication in 2018. Symmetry is celebrating its 10th anniversary and 1000th paper published. To acknowledge authors’ continued support, we are pleased to announce the “10th Anniversary Best Paper Award”.

The following papers have been selected by the Editor-in-Chief of Symmetry, Prof. Dr. Sergei D. Odintsov, to receive “10th Anniversary Best Paper Award” for the quality of their papers. The author(s) of the awarded papers will be recognized with a certificate and an offer to publish a paper free of charge in Symmetry. Among the selected papers, one review and one article have been selected and granted 500 CHF.

Our winner and their papers are listed as follows:

John H. Graham, Shmuel Raz, Hagit Hel-Or and Eviatar Nevo Fluctuating Asymmetry: Methods, Theory, and Applications
Review (500 CHF)

Alexander Shelupanov, Oleg Evsyutin, Anton Konev, Evgeniy Kostyuchenko, Dmitry Kruchinin and Dmitry Nikiforov
Aricle (500 CHF)
Information Security Methods—Modern Research Directions

Alexander Balakin, Alexei Ilin, Anna Kotanjyan and Levon Grigoryan Relativistic Neutron Stars: Rheological Type Extensions of the Equations of State

Yi Zhong and Diego Sáez-Chillón Gómez
Inflation in Mimetic f(G) Gravity

Artyom V. Yurov, and Valerian A. Yurov
The Landau-Lifshitz Equation, the NLS, and the Magnetic Rogue Wave as a By-Product of Two Colliding Regular “Positons”

Giovanni Amelino-Camelia
Doubly-Special Relativity: Facts, Myths, and Some Key Open Issues

Sergey V. Borisenko, Volodymyr B. Zabolotnyy, Alexnader A. Kordyuk, Danil V. Evtushinsky, Timur K. Kim, Igor V. Morozov, Rolf Follath and Bernd Büchner
One-Sign Order Parameter in Iron-Based Superconductor

Ewa D. Raczyńska, Małgorzata Hallman, Katarzyna Kolczyńska and Tomasz M. Stępniewski
On the Harmonic Oscillator Model of Electron Delocalization (HOMED) Index and its Application to Heteroatomic π-Electron Systems

Tomáš Brauner
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Nambu–Goldstone Bosons in Quantum Many-Body Systems

Symmetry 2019 10th Anniversary Best Paper Award

Eligibility and Requirements

– All papers published in Symmetry will be eligible (Both regular and Special Issue submissions).

Past Winners


John H. Graham
Department of Biology, Berry College, Mount Berry, Georgia 30149, USA paper link: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-8994/2/2/466
Anton Konev
Department of Security, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, 40 Lenina Prospect,634050 Tomsk, Russia paper link: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-8994/11/2/150
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