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Earth Observation Data

A section of Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292).

Section Information

This Special Section, Earth Observation Data, is intended to publish articles on original research Earth Observation datasets, descriptions of valuable/reference datasets to classify or validate current products, and methods for collecting, processing, managing as well as analyzing these data. The main aim of Earth Observation Data is to facilitate the sharing and reuse of high-quality datasets, furthering the cognition revolution of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing.

Earth Observation Data solicits research articles, data descriptors, and reviews with following requirements.

Articles are original research manuscripts on Earth Observation or Remote Sensing techniques that clearly facilitate the data sharing and reuse to support reproducible research, which should comprise at least 18 pages with results and discussion separately in two sections.

Data Descriptors are descriptions of original research Earth Observation data or combined datasets derived from them. Described datasets must to be publicly deposited prior to publication under an open license, thus allowing others to reuse the dataset. Small datasets might also be published as supplementary material together with the data descriptor. The link to the publicly hosted version of the dataset must be given in the paper. Data descriptors therefore provide easy citability, traceability and accountability of datasets used in scientific research. Research articles published elsewhere based on the data should link back to the data descriptors via a standard reference and DOI number. Data descriptors are published under a CC BY license, thus allowing the reuse of the descriptions in other research papers without copyright infringement.

Reviews are articles that summarize and evaluate relative merits of Earth Observation datasets, introduce new procedures to enhance the usability of previous published Earth Observation datasets, and re-combine existing datasets. Reviews should be at least 20 pages.

In addition to the data policy, a clear data availability statement is required for all submissions to this section. In the section of “Data Availability Statement” in submission, please provide details regarding where data supporting reported results can be found, including links to publicly archived datasets analyzed or generated during the study. Please refer to suggested Data Availability Statements in section “MDPI Research Data Policies”.

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