6–8 September 2021, London, UK
Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum (CECWF-2021)—Theme:The Future of Chemical Engineering and Catalysis – an Optimistic View

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to participate in the upcoming Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum that will be held on September 6–8, 2021 in London, UK.

CECWF-2021 will be a platform for the learners, scientists, researchers, industry professionals, and science-aspirants. Chemical engineering and catalysis techniques are used in various industries such as medical drugs, biomaterials, lubricants, textile, food, plastics, aerospace, petroleum, oil and gas, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, fuel cells and bioengineering, modification, chemical manufacture, fertilizer production, biomass conversion. 

The main topics/sessions of interest include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Advances in chemical and process engineering
  • Electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering
  • Chemical synthesis and catalysis synthesis
  • Photocatalysis and photoreactors
  • Biotechnology and biochemical engineering
  • Chemical engineering of polymers-polymer engineering
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
  • Environmental and sustainable chemical engineering 
We are certain that your contribution to this conference would help to make our event a great success.We look forward to welcoming you to CECWF-2021 in London, UK

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