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24–27 April 2023 Optica Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Through significant technological advances, optical techniques have been playing an ever-increasing role in the study and treatment of issues related to life sciences ranging from molecular-level investigation to the clinical treatment of patients.

The latest advances in molecular probe development, life science imaging, novel and more powerful optical instrumentation and its application to the study of fundamental biological processes and clinical investigations will be presented. This progress in instrumentation development and its rapid application represents important enablers that permit studies not possible a few years ago. Cumulatively, the meetings in this congress bring together leaders in the field whose contributions are significantly advancing the state of the art in biological and medical research through the use of optical technologies.

26–30 June 2023 International Conference on Quantum Engineered Sensing and Information Technology

Paris, France

Materials design for quantum sensing will occur through a combination of atomistic-scale modeling, targeted synthesis, and advanced characterizations. The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science, capturing the essence not only of chemistry, but also of physics, medicine, earth sciences, and biology. While many scientists and engineers are striving for the quest to revolutionize the properties of the elements in the periodic table, many others are focusing on understanding the current observed properties to further developing new and metamaterials, in lower dimensions for advanced quantum applications.

This international conference will open discussions for experimental and theoretical design efforts that will guide a broader community in the selection and design of artificially engineered materials to further probe the wonders of the periodic table. This multidisciplinary conference will share state-of-the-art material synthesis, a broad range of experimental techniques, and advanced computational modeling to probe new classes of multifunctional materials toward quantum sensing and communication. The ability to control and manipulate materials with external optical, electric, strain, and magnetic fields promises to usher in a new era of revolutionary advances in quantum science and technology. Insights from this conference will be coherently integrated to the quantum community and will create new frontiers in quantum sensing and information technology.

18–20 September 2023 The 6th International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO-2023)

Oxford, UK

The 6th International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO-2023), as well as the workshop (Industrialization of Perovskite Thin-Film Photovoltaic Technology), will take place at the Mathematical Institute in Oxford, UK, from 18 September to 20 September 2023.

The programme will comprise a combination of invited talks, contributing talks and poster presentations in a meeting that intends to unite the community to discuss and share knowledge pertaining to the latest advances in perovskite materials, devices, and photophysical and optoelectronic properties and phenomena.

Educating young researchers is at the core of our mission, which will be enabled by the opening tutorial lectures, in addition to a whole series of invited talks by world leading scientists in their respective specialities.

In addition, there will be a special industry day on Thursday 21 September to discuss the industrialization of photovoltaic thin-film technology. Speakers from industry will provide updates on the progress made and the challenges faced in this sector.

8–12 October 2023 Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition

Tacoma, WA, USA

In the 60 years since the first demonstration of the laser, continuous progress in the development of lasers has led to numerous new applications and capabilities and this progress is continuing today.

This conference provides a comprehensive view of the latest advances in solid-state laser development along with recent new applications. Of great interest are the high-order nonlinear effects made possible by the development of ultra-high brightness and high-power radiation sources. Also covered are other sophisticated applications of numerous highly capable solid-state sources and associated devices for free space and quantum communications, LIDAR for autonomous vehicles, beam steering, material modification such as laser peening, micro-machining, and brittle material processing. The exhibition features the latest products resulting from these advances.

  • Learn about advances in laser beam combining including coherent beam combining and the powers achievable through these processes.
  • Hear about record performance in the area of high-power fiber lasers and their application to welding, cutting, laser shock peening, other material modification applications, laser-induced damage, and directed energy applications.
  • Explore advances in remote sensing including vibrometry, atmospheric composition determination, wind sensing, and remote high precision mapping.
  • Hear about achievements in national facilities of ultra-high intensities and their application to forefront scientific studies of ultra-intense radiation/materials interactions.

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