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Organometallic Chemistry

A section of Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049).

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The Organometallic Chemistry Section of Molecules provides an open platform to disseminate original Research Articles and Reviews covering all areas of organometallic chemistry. Articles on the synthesis of organometallic complexes, catalysis, design of catalytic processes, bioorganometallic chemistry, and structure and reactivity of main group metals, transition metals, and lanthanides are of significant interest of the Organometallic Section of Molecules. The Organometallic Section highlights important facets of organometallic chemistry on the interface of organic and inorganic chemistry, covering organometallic chemistry aspects ranging from synthesis to application.

In particular, the Organometallic Section invites contributions that report on:

- The design, synthesis, and characterization of organometallic complexes.

- The design and discovery of catalytic processes.

- The discovery and optimization of chemical technologies.

- The application of organometallic chemistry in materials science and solid-state chemistry, including fluorescence, luminescence, nanomaterials, and energy.

- The application of organometallic chemistry in biochemistry, including anti-cancer and anti-bacterial complexes.

- Computational studies of organometallic reactions and complexes.

Impact Factor: 4.6 (2022); 5-Year Impact Factor: 4.9 (2022)

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